Friday, December 31, 2010

I Think I have My ‘Word’ For the Year!

I have been having great fun seeking the Lord for a ‘word’ for the new year. I have read many other women’s words and it has been inspiring. Ann, from A Holy Experience usually gets off to a great start. I have literally been giddy over it. I think even making my sweet husband crazy at times. Winking smile I was asking his help, and being the ‘steady man’ that he is he came up with more ‘steady’ words, you know, middle of the road words. None quite fit the passion that is bubbling inside of me. I told him I wanted a word with ‘teeth’. It almost had to be violent. Possibly have a growl to it. (do you think I am crazy yet?)

Having been sick for so long, and actually feeling like I have just been set free from about a ten year battle, there are many things that have been left undone over the years. So many areas of my life have been in ‘survival mode’ for a long time. The Lord has been gently convicting and revealing them to me over the last several months. We have certainly been ‘surviving’, but now it is time to thrive!

For me, they are the ‘basics’, the essentials, the foundation. I have been robbed of fully obeying and even living out the ‘essentials’ for too many years. Whether it was illness, bondage, circumstances, people, my own complacency, rebellion, and the raging pull of this culture, it matters not anymore. It has been revealed and I am pressing in to redeem the time, take back the land, get the life I am called to live back!

Here are the ‘words’ that have lingered in my mind these last days.

Year of . . .

  • prayer (I want to pray way more)
  • conquest (conquer what has been stolen)
  • moments( cherish the moments)
  • fighting (fight to take my life back)
  • discipline (get back to some order and routine)
  • basics (re-establish the ‘basics’)
  • joy (fight for joy, daily)
  • violence (be violent in redeeming my life)
  • practice (do over and over until I get it)
  • intention (be very intentional with every decision)
  • purpose (live with great purpose)
  • radical (be different and radical with every area)

None of these quite fit . . . more in part two . . . the big reveal!

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Coby said...

Grrrrrr! ;-)

Those are wonderful words! Looking forward to a wonderful new year in the Lord!