Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starting the New Year Submitted

We are about to begin a new year. I want to encourage you in something the Lord has recently brought about in my heart.  If you were to look at our marriage and study me, you would think that I was a pretty submissive wife.  And I was, to a certain degree.

Recently the Lord showed me areas in which I was not submissive. Areas that I was living in fear and therefore trying to control my husband.  It was painful and sort of scary to see the control, because, don’t you just hate the thought of someone thinking you are the dreaded ‘controlling wife?’  I sure do.

After some wrestling with my Father, lots of tears, and a giant gulp of humility, I went to my dear husband and repented for trying to control him in certain areas. . .

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Natalieh said...

What a wonderful post! Even though I do not have a husband, I have so many fears when it comes to Abba's leading. Even now, as I think of it there are things like "but I don't know how He'll guide me..." "I don't know how to let Him be my leader..." And automatically comes another thought "Of course I know how He leads me, it's in the Word and if I thirst after His word, and if I seek after His Kingdom of righteousness all else will be taken care of." Ahhh, I so want to live that last statement. Father, may I end this year with a new understanding and ability of summiting to you. I need your leading! Amein, HalleluYah!