Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Show Me Your Glory

The cry of my heart lately has been, ‘Show me Your glory.’  I even found a few worship songs with that prayer in them.  I have always loved when Moses asked God to show him His glory, and often echo the same request.  My hunger for Him and His Word has been so increased, I can’t seem to get enough of Him.

I walk around doing the things I do as a wife and mama all the while thinking of Him and longing for Him.  I frequently mutter in a barely audible voice, ‘show me Your glory’  ‘You are the Father of glory’, ‘I want to see more of You.’

Today I was studying what ‘show’ and ‘glory’ mean.  It makes sense I should know what I am praying, right?  Here is what I found.  I looked up ‘glory’ in the Greek and Hebrew, and ‘show’ in the Hebrew.  At the end of the post I will put together a prayer using the definitions. 

Glory, 1391G: image or character, embraces the excellence and perfection of the divine nature.  It comprises all that God will appear to be in His final revelation to us.  God’s glory make itself manifest in and through Jesus Christ.

Glory, 3519H:  majesty, abundance, image, character, excellence and perfection of diving nature.

Show, 7200H:  to see, to feel, to experience, to understand, to make one feel or know, to cause to enjoy, gain understanding, fully aware, discover.

Father God, cause me to see, to feel, to experience, to truly understand, cause me to enjoy and gain understanding and be fully aware and discover . . . Your image, character, all the excellence and perfection of Your divine nature, Your majesty, Your abundance, Father, all that You will appear in Your final revelation . . . Show me Your glory!

Moses had the audacity to ask the Father to show him His glory . . . do you?

Father, show me Your glory!!

(Definitions are from The Complete  Word Study Old Testament and The Complete Word Study New Testament.)


Anonymous said...

For me, His glory is shown and revealed in His care for us and the peace He gives my sometimes weary soul. I'm thankful for that unseen arm on my shoulder!
Hugs to you today!..May you feel His love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!!!

God's Blessings to you, and everyone!!!


Kim said...

Actually, he shows his Glory each time you read his word. It is full of his Glory and you learn his mind. You learn his mind toward sin and his love and care for his creation.