Monday, August 23, 2010

Believe And Be Baptized!

Six of our children were all baptized Sunday, August 22, 2010!

The children have been expressing an interest in baptism for several months now. We have been studying and teaching them. It was so great to have the Holy Spirit teaching us simply from the from the WORD of God.

Initially, only four of the children were going to be baptized, but two more joined the ranks in the last couple of weeks. Luke, our oldest at home, recently repented of some things and has really turned his life towards the Lord in a much greater way. Isabella, our seventh child, has been listening to all the teaching and wondered if she too could be baptized seeing as how she also has believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we studied, we saw how adults can sometimes complicate the simplicity of the Gospel and baptism. Over and over the bible admonishes "believe and be baptized" Simple as that. If you know enough to believe and be saved, then you know enough to be baptized.

Also, we were struck by how it was such a common thing, you believed and then you were baptized. You didn't wait until the 'first Sunday of the month', or sometime later, maybe after a few classes. Nope, believe and be baptized.

We invited a few families that we have grown close to over the last couple of years, as well as some old friends and some family. It was so awesome to have so many people with such similar hearts. We felt honored, humbled and loved by their attendance.

Brian shared a few scriptures on baptism, and then we headed out to the pool. He baptized the children. What an honor. Afterward, we gathered together and people prayed over the children and we finished with a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.

Below is a video that has each of the children's baptism. The video is only 7 or 8 minutes, please watch it if you can. Each child shared why they wanted to be baptized and a scripture. The first one up was Luke, and he shared his heart as well as repented to the crowd. It was quite touching. I will also post pictures, for those of you who can't or don't want to take the time to watch the video.

This is Luke, our 20 year old.
Joshua, our 18 year old.
Our sweet Victoria, 14 years old. She shared her heart so well.
Isaiah, our 12 1/2 year old. He has such a heart and zeal for the Word of God.
Sweet Sarah Grace, who is nine. She is the one that made us all realize just how simple the Gospel is this past week.
Little Isabella, almost 8 years old. She loves Jesus so much and has such a tender heart.
Definitely a day full of Amazing Grace!! Thank You, Father!
P.S. The video should be fixed now.


Valerie said...

How wonderful! I'd LOVE to watch the video, but it wouldn't play for me. :( Praying for your family! What a blessing to have the kids dad be able to baptize them!!

Kim said...

I read your blog often and have commented a couple of times. I would love to watch the video but it says it is private and have to except your friend request. Can I please watch the video?


cooperkelly4 said...


Homemaker Ang said...

It was a beautiful time of refreshment for our family! Thank you for having us!

busymomof10 said...


Michelle Karr said...

Praise the Lord!!! How amazing! What a blessing!

Linda said...

What a happy and joyfilled day for you to see your husband baptize so many of your children. That is a HUGE blessing Michelle. Seeing to the spiritual condition of our children and guiding them to the Lord is the biggest and most important duty of a parent.

I am rejoicing with you and just praising Him for all he is doing in your family!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

That really is beautiful! Look at all the nice pictures you have to look back on!
God is so amazing!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Coby said...

This was beautiful to see! What an amazing and encouraging testimony of God moving on your children's hearts!

Cass said...

That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, so wonderful to see the children's love for the Lord.

Jenn said...

Praise the Lord! What an amazing time for your family.

gail said...

What a beautiful celebration! Thank you so very much for sharing that -- I was truly touched!

kathy said...

What great news. Praise God!