Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Official

Well, today my oldest son got married. Neither sets of parents were there. Though I tried, I walked up to see the end of the 'ceremony' from 50 yards away and could not follow through on my desire to put my emotions aside and show support. Brian was out of town on a trip he could not change. (he only had two days notice about the wedding) Her parents were un-invited just minutes before the 'ceremony.' The circumstances were far less than ideal. Mamas and Papas cried, sad tears. Hearts were broken once again. Little ones who struggle to make sense of sin and its consequences need comfort and words of wisdom. (from a sorrowful mama, no less) Older ones wrestle with bitterness, heartache and confusion.

Sorry to unload and invite you to my rather small pity party ;-) I thank you so much for your prayers today. I sensed the Lord's strength and grace to stay out of the pit. I was able to feel the emotions yet not let them overwhelm me. Brian had to stay out of town overnight, so our hearts are heavy that we are apart. But, we have the Lord to comfort and I have my eight other blessings to love on and to comfort me! I am blessed. Oh, and I have 30 more pages to read in my bible! No time for wallowing in the pit!

I feel Him picking me up and 'training my hands for war' as we battle in the heavenlies for our son and new daughter (whom we already love as a daughter, btw, which makes it doubly painful)

Come back tomorrow, I have a thought provoking question for you! Love to all!


Coby said...

Praise God that you were able to rule your emotions, and for the comfort of the Lord and your children! Praying for you!

Regan Family Farm said...

You are all in our prayers...just remember that God may yet do a mighty work!
Love you!!!

gail said...

You and your family are in my prayers.

Amber Stoneburner said...
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Amber Stoneburner said...

I am sorry for your pain tonight. I pray for comfort for you.
I also want to tell you about something.

8 years ago I left my parents home with out their blessing. I was with a man that they had at first approved of but then decided he was not who they wanted for me. He was not the reason I left their home. In fact he was shocked when I told him that I walked out, and he didn't think it was a good idea. 5 months after leaving, he and I eloped at the local courthouse. My parents knew we had thought about it, but were shocked when two days later I called and told them we did it. They were hurt, very much like you. My siblings were also crushed. There was a lot of anger, and confusion, and ramification for this. We did not invite them knowing that they did not approve. There was a time of mourning, and struggle on both sides. We walked through many more sorrowful things in our relationships with them. But I want to tell you hon, that God is faithful! He has restored our relationships with my family. We are now closer to my parents then ever before. They have turned to us in times of need, and us to them for encouragement. My husband lost his mother to cancer very young and now has "adopted" my parents as his own.
In your pain I want to remind you that God is faithful. He wants to restore you and your son and his new wife. He will bring that about and even though you have to go through this hurt now in His time I believe that you will be blessed to see restoration in this! We had to go through a lot, and so did my parents, but God used it all, and has created such a wonderful relationship since then.
A pastor once told me (after we lost our baby) that "God doesn't allow pain for no reason."
He sees your pain and will not let it be a useless thing! He can use it in so many ways to heal, and to glorify!

I hope this helps...Praying for all of you....
Love ~A

Cranberry Morning said...

As our children get older, the problems get bigger. It is difficult to stand by and watch them as they walk away from God, through a doorway that we know will lead them to pain and suffering. And when we spend our lives rearing our children to love and fear God, to bring glory to His name, it is so hard.

But God is faithful.

Kela said...

My husband and I have a similar story.
Our relationship was forbidden (I'm black and he's white; we live in the South...that says a lot).
We snuck around behind his parent's back. Our consequence..a baby.
He wanted to get married as soon as we found out but I had pressure from home to not marry a boy just because we have a baby together.
Six weeks after our beautiful daughter was born, we got married at the courthouse.
Both sides had a day's notice. My parents, sister, his sister and b-i-l made it. His parents did not (mostly by choice).
16 years and 6 children later we are strong, our relationships with our families are wonderful.

Back then I couldn't imagine what heartache and bitterness his parents felt. After they saw that their son made a commitment and stood up for his ready-made family, they embraced me..all of us.

I'm praying for you and your family and that hearts are softened and welcoming.

busymomof10 said...

Hi Michelle! Been away from your blog for awhile. My life has been Really Crazy this summer. Lots of changes taking place for our family . ..

Just came over to catch up on your wonderful blog . . . never dreaming I'd read about the sudden marriage of your oldest son! WOW!

I am so very sorry for your grief but was very encouraged by some of the comments prior to mine! Yes, God can still work miracles even though this is a toughie from our perspective! God is in the business of writing last chapters! Keep praying for them! Don't give up!

Love you my dear friend,

Valerie said...

Praying for you! Praying also for your son and his new bride. God is good ALL the time and can bring this hard time around in time. Praying that you and your family will continue to walk this path as the Lord would direct! {{{HUGS}}}

cooperkelly4 said...

Praying for your mama's heart here too. God is faithful!

"faithful is he who calls you and He also will bring it to pass." 1 thess 5:24

Welcome: said...

Thank you. For posting. Thank you, Amber, and other ladies for sharing. I know this heartbreak first hand. We are a year into our sons rebellion. He's turned his back on his family, God, and it's been tough....

Welcome: said...

Thank you. For posting. Thank you, Amber, and other ladies for sharing. I know this heartbreak first hand. We are a year into our sons rebellion. He's turned his back on his family, God, and it's been tough....