Monday, June 8, 2009

Marriage Monday "Woo Your Man!"

Today let’s talk about what I call “woo-ing” or romancing our husbands.

As women, mamas, and wives we have our plates quite full! (I’m not trying to add one more thing that has to be done.) It is easy to put this idea on the back burner while we try to juggle our lives. Romancing our husbands does not have to be ‘one more thing’ we feel burdened to do. Let’s look at it as a way to love them, honor them, bless them, and quite frankly, a way to have some fun! Plus, I think being 'wooed' is just about every guys love language! ;-)

I came across this great list of ideas on ways to romance your husband by Cindy Rushton. It was called Marriage 911 Flight Plans.** Some of these ideas are fabulous!
A sampling of them are. . .

Make him a CD of favorite love songs.

Pull out your wedding album and snuggle up.
Read the Song of Solomon together, privately.
Write him love notes or emails.
Watch a ballgame with him.
Plan a day pampering him.
Have a campfire date, just the two of you.
Watch the sunset together.
Plan a candlelight bath.
Go out for a latte.
Bring him breakfast in bed.Write a long and mushy love letter!
Meet him for lunch.
This is just a sampling of her ideas.
Here are two of our ideas.
Date night has become a regular event for us for the past several years. It is not a 'going out' date, but an in house date. Every Saturday, no matter what, we have 'date night'. After baths, and tucking the littles in, it is our night. The older children take care of any other littles that might still be up and we scamper off downstairs for movie night or to watch something we taped during the week. Shows from the Food Network or TLC usually.
Another thing we used to do was, every Saturday morning, just Brian and I went grocery shopping. We would go very early in the morning. We would take some hard boiled eggs and toast, pick up a Starbucks Latte and spend an hour leisurely grocery shopping. I would usually wear something cute and 'doll' up a little. We would talk, plan and laugh during our time alone.
I know, simple folk, but it is our life! ;-)

You know your husband better than anyone. I am sure you can come up with some great ideas.
Lets take our eyes off of ourselves and our busyness and look for ways to really romance our husbands.

Lighten up, if you need to – lets have some fun!
Find ways to bring that spark back, or fan the flame that is already there!

Lord Jesus, what a gift you have given us in this marriage. Help us take our eyes off of ourselves and look for ways to really bless our husbands. Give us wisdom and creative ways to put a little spark into our marriage.

So, what are you ideas for woo-ing that man of yours? Are you up to the challenge this week of finding ways to romance him?

Have a lovely week ladies. (wink, wink)

**For some reason this link is not working, but I am leaving it in because I think it must be a temporary problem. She has a very popular website and for some reason it is down right now.


Amanda Sikes said...

We do "stay in" date nights all the time. We will put the kids to bed, and sometimes even "dress up" for the occasion. Then we will talk, watch a movie, or just relax in each others company. It really helps us to stay connected during these busy years of child rearing. Plus, it doesn't strain the budget.

Buildeth Her House said...

I love this post. I've been thinking alot about my husband and how I can relate better to him. I just wrote a post about it, here is the link @

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

What a beautiful family you have and such an encouraging blog. I have been thinking about how to build on my relationship with my husband recently and have also been reflecting on this on my blog. I love your post and the sensitive way it is written and the humour also.
Love Collette x

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I am so glad you were able to get your taters! When we saw the sign, we pulled in, only to find they had closed hours before. I knew it was a long drive for you, and didn't know how much you wanted them, so wrote down the name, and passed it on. How good of the Lord to have us meet on Friday, and thru that get your potato needs met!
I have looked over your blog, and see you follow Nourishing Traditions. I actually bought the book a couple years ago, but was actually overwhelmed by it. Perhaps I could come by soon for a garden tour and a visit? I would love that.
Blessings...and thanks so much for your generous gifts Friday! Yummo! (the bread was some of the best homemade I have ever had...and that's saying a lot, as I am nearly 56 years old!!!)

Connie said...

A wonderful post. Yes, we need to keep dating our guys! You gave lots of sweet suggestions. They need our adoration and encouragement, too!

Gloria said...

Hi Michelle,
Great post!
Today is my 20th anniversary! Go check out the tribute that I wrote for my sweetie on my blog. .
He is the best husband in the world (for me at least!!)
Have a blessed day!

Ellen said...

Oh what a wonderful post! Your blog is so encouraging! Thanks so much for sharing that gift with others!