Friday, June 19, 2009

Do You Love Your Children?

He who spares his rod [of discipline] hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines diligently and punishes him early. Proverbs 13:24

I just love when one verse just jumps off the page and stops me dead in my tracks! (Been happening a lot lately : )

It seems like such a simple verse, even a very common one. I mean, it seems so much of the teachings on parenting center around this verse and others like it. A first glance, seems pretty clear, discipline your children.

So, what made this verse POP?

The d-word.


Do I love my children?

Certainly, I would answer quickly, without even a hesitation. Upon further review though, if I am not diligently disciplining and training them then I am not loving them! Ouch!

Diligence immediately makes me think of consistency. Am I consistent with training and discipling my children? Do I let things go because I am busy with my own thing? Do I ignore something because I’m just too lazy to deal with it?

These are tough questions!

I have been rereading Raising Godly Tomatoes and the Lord is wasting no time teaching this mama some areas that need, shall we say, ‘tweaking’! This particular paragraph was very convicting. Actually I can’t seem to get past it. I read it, am wowed at what it says, and just sit there stunned!


The degree of success you achieve will be directly related to how consistent you are. Don't get lazy. Don't give up. Don't make excuses. Don’t be “on again, off again” about training your children. Keep your children with you and watch them, correcting all disobedience and bad attitudes. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't be afraid to set high standards and maintain them. Teach and train your children, then expect them to act in a godly manner. Require them to always act the way you would like them to act, and the way you believe God would like them to act, not the way others may let their children act. Be consistent in your training and in your expectations. (Taken directly from Raising Godly Tomatoes,chapter 3)

If you are a mama in the very throes of child-training or are a new mama about to embark on this journey, or are an older woman who would love a refresher course so you can encourage your own daughters or other young women, READ THIS BOOK!

It is so well written. You can even read it online at Raising Godly Tomatoes, just look on the left sidebar and begin clicking on the chapters. Or you may purchase the book directly from thier website, which is what I wish I had done before I printed the whole thing up! It is an invaluable resource!

Have you read Raising Godly Tomatoes?

What did you think?

Are you diligent and consistent with training your children?

Do you love them? Then discipline them!


The Park family said...

I love this book and here is why..... There are many parenting materials that I really like, but rarely do you ever find ONE BOOK that gives the well rounded Point of view of parenting.
In all the books I have read, there are 2, false assumptions that are made, which is the basis of the book. The first one assumes you already have a GREAT relationship with your child, but you are being a bit of a doormat & just need to firm up on the rules. The second assumes you are GREAT at consistency & rules but haven't a clue how to have a relationship with your child. Unfortunately the latter assumptions tend to lean too heavily of the side of Christianized psychobabble so therefore get dismissed by people who read their bible in regards to discipline. Anywho, this book has a very distinct way of intertwining the 2 concepts BIBLICALLY, balancing the BEST of bringing and implimenting BOTH into your family! In my humble opinion it is the best shower gift to give a new mom!

Ellen said...

This post is so well timed for me! I am going to grab this book...I can't believe I've never heard of it before!

L.H. said...

I have read and referenced this site many times! I love it!

I think that the author has a great, no nonsense, biblical approach and it has worked for our household!

I am now going to read "What the bible says about child training" by Richard Fugate.

I have skimmed it and he says alot of the same things as in Raising Godly Tomatoes.

Shyla said...

Michelle, once I came across your site I knew that your's was one I would revisit frequently to glean from all you've learned - it has been wonderful reading over various posts of your nutritional ventures and practices. But here is one more area in which you and I share an even deeper connection - that of raising up a Godly heritage. Raising Godly Tomatoes is my #1 recommended site to other Mamas struggling and searching for strength to walk well in the Master's footsteps as they lead their little (and not so little) ones. God Bless your heart and home!