Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look What I Got!!

I am in the process of slowly converting our somewhat traditional 8os Ranch, that we decorated in a Tuscan décor several years ago, into a beautiful ‘shabby chic’ prairie style farmhouse.  Not an easy task with all the oak trim that I am not allowed to paint.  But, my dear husband has allowed me to paint the cabinets here and there, so there is hope.

We are painting over all the dark and heavy colors with light and airy colors.  Mostly, Bone White by Olympic. It is the perfect ‘off-white’ for our house.  Not to stark, yet clean and beautiful.

I have dreamt of having a beautiful chandelier in our bedroom and now it looks like my dreams are coming true!  It might be too big for the space, but we will see.  It is hanging safely in a corner of our room while the room gets painted and we figure out how to hand the beast from the ceiling.  It weighs a ton.  But oh so beautiful with all the baubles and bangles!!  I {heart} crystal chandeliers.  I also {heart} Craigslist!


Isn’t she pretty??  I also plan on incorporating that gorgeous antique mirror pictured. 

We found a beautiful, massive wood panel that we will make into our headboard.  I’ll paint it all Old White  and shabby it up.  I keep you posted as we progress.  Just had to share my lovely find.


Linda said...

So happy for you Michelle! That "Chandy" is beautiful!

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

It's beautiful, Happy decorating so much more enjoyable when you do the decorating your self one seems to apreciate it more!!
Looking forward to seeing more photos as you make over your home :-)

Blessings Heidi!

Sharity said...

I love it! My husband wouldn't let me paint over oak either! :-)

Have fun with the redecorating!