Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fun I Have In a Day

Hello, Ladies!  I had the idea to share a recent post that I put up on my {re}imagined blog, just so you could see some of the work I am doing.

I thought I would give you some peeks at the fun I have in a day.  Most of these are custom orders.  Who wouldn’t love a client who brings you pieces to paint and say, ‘I don’t care what color, I will love anything you do.’  Really?  She is a peach to ‘work’ for. 

Here are a few of the the pieces as well as a few of my own. 

This new sign idea came when we met some friends for breakfast and one of them mentioned how they were ‘never what their dad wanted’.  I couldn’t let that lie go on without correcting.  I quickly pointed out that they ‘were exactly what their FATHER wanted!’   So I made him a sign, just like this, so he never forgets.

This one I made for Mr. {re}imagined, it was his birthday yesterday.  He (we all do) needs this message too, and he loves Olive green.  Isn’t it great??  Available for custom order if you are interested.  Maybe someone you know needs to really know this, or, maybe you need to be reminded.  Just let me know.


What’s a girl to do with a cute wood crate?  Paint it all chippy and old looking, of course.  I painted the ‘Fresh Eggs’ on it and then distressed making it look very old. 


This is an adorable table that a sweet gal saw on my ‘yet to be {re}imagined’ post.  This beauty was painted in Country Grey, sort of an oatmeal color.


These vintage shelves didn’t even make it to my blog.  A couple was here looking at other pieces and picked this for me to paint.  Chateau Grey and Old Ochre.


These two are a couple of the fun pieces I am painting for that wonderful client I mentioned.  The first one was painted in a custom mix, making it a beautiful jewel color.  I didn’t ‘love’ the lines of the second piece, just not my style.  But when I though of doing it  with this ‘ombre’ idea I LOVED it.  It looks amazing!


It is no secret that I {heart} green!  I think that is an understatement.  I painted this old white dresser with Antibes green and put lots of very dark wax on it.  I painted it with lots of texture so the wax would really stick in the grooves.  The pictures don’t do it justice, so cute.  I will be photographing it officially and putting it on the for sale page soon.  Unless someone wants it before I get it there.


See, told you I was having fun. Praying blessings and joy in your life!!



cooperkelly4 said...

You are having some fun! Love it all, and LOVE the sign. =0) I just covered an old metal bread box super white and then used my silhouette machine to write "bread" on the one cover and "goodies" on the bottom one. It took me forever to get the nerve to do it and now I wonder what took me so long. So glad you are enjoying the creative gift God has blessed you with. =0) Kelly

Sharity said...

LOVE your work! And am enjoying your blog; just found you a week or so ago. :-)

Along the way said...

Michelle, may I have your permission to pin some of your beautiful work to my pinterest site as things i would absolutely love to have in my home???
I am sooooo enjoying seeing your beautiful pieces!!