Friday, January 13, 2012

Call Upon the Lord

The battle for my mind and thoughts continues.  Some days I seem on top of it, often times I feel like I am casting down wrong thoughts continually.  Kind of like disturbing a beehive, all kinds of ‘bees’ buzzing around me, stinging me every now and again.

I am well aware that hormones are factoring in here as things are changing with age, but the torment at times is so frustrating.

My heart is ever before Him for discernment, wisdom, revelation, conviction.  I know He leads and shows me things to deal with, but there are times when I just feel so weary of the battle.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I began reading Psalm 18.  I can’t remember what led me there . . . but I know WHO did.

It is one of those Psalms that just empowers me!  I start to sit up a little straighter, my head lifts, the heaviness in my face and heart begins to lighten.  The ‘fight’ starts to come back.  By the end of the Psalm I come out boxing!  Try reading it when you need a pick-me-up.

I also remembered an ‘oldie but goodie’ praise song and could not stop singing it all day.  My family seriously began to wonder if I flipped my lid.  I would burst out singing and startle every one.

Yesterday turned out the be the most joy filled day I have had in very long time.  I don’t mean a good, joy filled day, I mean walking on air, singing all day, crazy kind of joy!

For Thou hast girded me with strength for the battle!!

Praying for you right where you are at that He would be the lifter of your head.  Call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, so shall you be saved from your enemies!!

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elaine said...

Thank you so much for opening up your heart and sharing what you are gleaning from the Word and what the Lord is showing you. I find myself "piggy-backing" :) some of your scriptures because they speak so powerfully to where I am, too. I am excited to go read Ps. 18. God Bless!!