Sunday, January 8, 2012

How He Sees You

As I am seeking to find out, and really believe who I am in Him; looking to see myself as HE sees me, I am finding all kinds of little nuggets.  Before, I would read them and move on. Now, I stop, linger, meditate, ponder what my thoughts would be like if I really BELIEVED this particular scripture.

I find myself still in the first chapter of Colossians.  Today it is Col. 1:22. (with part of verse 21)

. . . yet now hath he reconciled

In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:

First of all, I just love the thought that I have been reconciled to God.  I was instantly brought back to last March, when the Lord was revealing loads of “guilt and shame”  I felt almost as though His voice was calling out to me, pleading with me to ‘be ye reconciled to God’, in my mind.  It is already a fact, but I need to believe that I have been reconciled to God!!

On to how He presents me . . .

Holy:  set apart, sanctified, consecrated

Unblameable:  the absence of internal blemish, legally unaccused

Unreprovable:  free from any legal charge at all

Now, I don’t always ‘act’ holy, but because of what Christ did, I am holy.  When I read verses like this the ‘yah, buts’ come quickly to my mind.  ‘yah, but, you should see how I act sometimes’, or ‘yah,but, you don’t know the unkind or judgmental thoughts I have’, on and on. 

But when am I going to stop looking at things ‘below’ and start looking on things ‘above’?  When am I going to walk by faith and not by what I see?  When am I going to really believe the word over what I see in my own heart?

That is what this year is about for me.  Choosing to believe the Truth over what I see.  The more I meditate on and believe the Truth the more it becomes a part of me and transforms not only my mind, but also my heart and my actions. 

I really believe that holy people (that’s you and me) who really believe they are holy will actually ‘act’ holy.  Make sense?



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Shirlene said...

Good word! I am looking at the scripture with an open heart. I want to see what God see's in me and change or remove what is not of God.
God Bless!