Friday, June 24, 2011

Required Listening!!

Okay, now I can’t really ‘make’ you listen to anything, but, I am strongly suggesting that if my posts on performance, guilt and shame, Drivenness, Never Good Enough Syndrome, as well as really needing to know that you are Chosen.Holy.Loved, spoke to you in any way shape or form, that you listen to the following message.  (my dear editor and husband is having a cow about now Winking smile)

This message is so important to those of us who struggle, at all, in these areas.  It is a message of Grace.  I would say, that over the years I have whole heartedly agreed with this message, but the way I lived my life was diametrically opposed to it.

Please take the time to listen and come back and comment.  It is more than wonderful for the children to listen to it.  We have listened to this more than once!

You follow this link and download the Truefaced Message.

And while you’re at it, this song was brought to my attention by a sweet sister in Christ who knew I would LOVE it. She was right.

I Am New by Jason Gray (his story is one amazing story of grace!)

So, there you go, listen to the above two treasures and call me in the morning!  Love you all.

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