Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Rejection Manifests

In my last post, Rejection Exposed, I gave examples of possible door points for a spirit of rejection to come in and begin to lie to us.

In this post, I would like to show just how a spirit of rejection might manifest in a person’s life.  I am not suggesting that each and every one of the following automatically means one has a spirit of rejection.  I am merely giving you suggestions that you can take to the Lord and have Him give you revelation on areas of your heart that might need His healing touch.

Ways in which a spirit of rejection manifests:

  • puts man’s acceptance above God’s
  • has us searching for love
  • never allows us to be who God created us to be
  • causes us to need to be recognized
  • doesn’t let us receive love from God or others
  • reminds us of the shame and guilt from the past
  • keeps us striving and never able to rest
  • steals our joy
  • it retaliates when evil is done to it
  • gives a sense of being unwanted
  • gives a sense of being unworthy, never good enough
  • makes us need others to love us, but convinces us they don’t
  • causes us to withdraw, to write people off
  • determines our value by whether someone else accepts us or not
  • #1 defense mechanism is to withdraw
  • has us always looking for a meaningful identity
  • makes us feel as though it is always our fault
  • causes us to feel the need to bear burdens that are not ours to bear

The above are certainly not the only ways in which rejection manifests, but it is a good starting point.

“Father God, we desire freedom from the enemy.  We desire to become all you created us to be.  If there is any area in our lives that need Your healing touch, please reveal it to us.  Give us discernment as we seek wholeness and healing.  Give us eyes to see the schemes of the enemy, and to not blame others.  In Jesus Name”

The first step to wholeness and freedom is recognition.  Once we have recognized rejection’s work in our lives, then what?  In the next post, Lord willing, I will share, “How To Be Free From Rejection”

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