Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rejection Exposed

You have probably experienced it, right?  Not being picked.  Actually being rejected.  It comes in many ways; rejection. 

Maybe . . .

. . . you were the girl holding up the wall at the roller rink on Friday night after all the other girls got picked for ‘boys choice’.

. . . you desperately wanted to be a cheerleader and each attempt only met with, ‘sorry, you didn’t make the squad.’

. . . you can remember the breeze from the ‘popular’ girl’s hair as they whip their head around and give you a cold shoulder because you’re not ‘cool’ enough.

. . . you were dumped by the guy you ‘loved’ so much and gave yourself to, heart and . . . body.

. . . you practically ‘sold’ your soul and your body to just be loved, to be desired, to be chosen . . . just this once.

. . . your mama left your daddy, and you wondered what could be so wrong with me that a mama would leave her children.

. . . in fourth grade your teacher told you your handwriting was awful in front of the whole class.  She might have been trying to inspire, but the enemy whispered, you’re not good enough.

. . . you were told to ‘lose a few pounds’ and I’ll go out with you.( and you were the farthest thing from overweight!)

. . . you were called awful, cruel names in grade school.

. . . on more than one occasion you were a ‘little girl in a grown up body’ longing to be loved and accepted only to be brought home without a word and never to be called again.

. . . you were a ‘surprise’ to your parents.  Maybe they didn’t ‘want’ you.

. . . you never, ever were as good as your sister or brother.  Your parents made no bones about the fact that they thought your sibling was wonderful and you, well, frankly, you were not.

. . . your parents want a boy.

. . . you were given up for adoption.

Perhaps the above stories look like a fairy tale compared to your story, or maybe the ‘rejections’ you received paled in comparison and you feel stupid for even struggling with thoughts of unworthiness.

The point is not to determine how badly we were rejected.  I write about this to get us to recognize that we have been rejected and that it is a plot of the enemy to keep you from ever accepting and realizing the love that Father God has for us.

The above circumstances and many others like them were ‘doorpoints’ for a spirit of rejection to come in and torment you and keep you separated from the love of GodYou see, we will never be able to walk in the freedom and joy that God has for us if we have a spirit of rejection.  This evil spirit will never, ever, allow you to receive your daughtership.  You will miss out on the confidence of knowing that we are cherished, chosen and loved daughters of God.

Next time, Lord willing, “How Rejection Manifests


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hmmm....I saw myself in several of these.

Anonymous said...

I saw myself, too! Very powerful words from the Lord!{{{Ruth}}}

Connie said...

Thanks for sharing this, needed to hear it today.

Jenn said...

Yes, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing this! You have such wisdom and insight. There is nothing more the enemy would like than to get us wrapped up in pain and rejection.