Friday, April 23, 2010

This Is Love

Do you know what this is? I bet you don't! This, my friends, is LOVE!

Love with a capital L-O-V-E!

Here's the story. My dear husband sent me out to do a little gentle garage sale shopping. Nothing like I usually do each year with the children, just a little time out to relax and enjoy the morning. So sweet, I know! I took my son Luke with me to drive, to carry treasures if needed and just to keep me company.

At one particular sale there was the above pictured, beautiful pink and white baby quilt and crib set. It was only $10! I kept gravitating to it. I kept telling myself, my son, and the lady who owned the house how beautiful it was and that it was sheer craziness that I was even considering buying it, I mean I am not even pregnant! She did look at me like I was crazy, especially after I told her I already had nine children. ;-)

I surveyed the rest of the contents of the garage sale right from that spot. I didn't want to leave the quilt for some reason. Finally, my son says, 'let's go'. I told him I don't know what to do, it seems silly to buy it with my health, my age, me not even being pregnant! I mean, come on. Without a word, he pulls out his phone and hands it to me, implying to call dad.

I call Brian and tell him that I know I have some crazy ideas and that I was going to ask him a pretty 'out there' question. I am sure he braced himself. I prattled on like a nervous little girl. I knew how silly I must sound, to be asking permission to by this baby quilt. I almost didn't want to stop talking for fear I would have agreement on the other end of the phone that, yes, indeed I had flipped my lid.

Before I finished speaking I heard, "buy it".

"What, I said with a shaky voice."

"Just buy it. Your dreams are to have a baby girl, that is what is in your heart, so just buy it." "Even if we don't ever have a baby girl, there is always a grand baby, just buy it."
"Your dreams are worth far more than ten dollars!"

"Really??? Thank you so much, I love you", I say with tears streaming down my face.

"I love you, too"

So, if you have not guessed yet, that quilt is really acceptance and understanding! That quilt is a heart known and cherished and nurtured!

That baby quilt represents dreams shared!

That quilt is LOVE!

I would never refuse a bouquet of flowers, and He knows I would rather he not spend the money on them; this one time act of love, this one 'YES' was worth a lifetime of flowers!


Bluebell Country said...

Oh, that is just so precious! A little teary eyed right now.
Blessings to you!

J said...

I am so happy for you. That IS love! Your husband is a precious man. It's wonderful to see love fleshed out. Praise be to God!

Charity said...

That is so sweet...
I really enjoy your blog!!! :-)

Joyfulmomofmany said...

Oh Michelle, I agree the quilt is absolutely *lovely* and I can totally hear your heart in desiring another little one. I too would be unbelievably happy to get to have another little one~ and my friends (who "finished" years ago), say *what*? You're 46... don't you know how old you'll be when they leave the house? Yes, I do. : )

So yes, I totally hear your heart~ we are both blessed with fabulous husbands.

Please know that I'm praying for you, friend!


Debbie said...

What a sweet and precious husband that you have. The blanket is beautiful and yes, I would have done the same thing. Great choice. It is also my desire for another girl since ours went home to be with the Lord this past November.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

God have given you a special man. Not all men are so understanding. I know that you love and appreciate him.


Jenn said...

Oh Michelle, You are a blessed lady! What a loving, truly understanding husband you have. This brought tears to my eyes!

Sending out hugs to you today! So glad to read that you were able to get up and out! Praise the Lord!

Camille said...

Such a lovely post Michelle ~ such a pretty quilt set! :) The Lord knows what is best and HE cares for us above what we can ever imagine! How precious that you have your Brian! :)


Michelle said...

Hello! This is my first visit and I think your blog is lovely! Are you really a grandma? If that is a recent picture of you than it's difficult to believe!

I think it's wonderful how many children God has blessed you with!

Love in Christ,


AntfarmMom said...

Hmmmm, I wonder what is coming around the bend for your family! What a lovely set.