Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Lighthearted Fun, For A Change!

One time Brian let Elijah 'drive' up the driveway after work, one time. Well, now it is everyday, even Saturdays. Such a good Papa.

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy roast beef, this little piggy had none, and tttthhhhhhiiiiiiiissssss little piggy cried wee-wee-wee all the way home!

Isn't this so pretty? On a week when I struggle to find anything 'pretty' about life, this did it for me. It was a coconut and pineapple smoothie with beautiful weeping cherry tree blossoms!

Okay, one day this week while recovering from a HUGE adrenal crash this sweet little bird hit our front window. I felt so bad for it, but couldn't help but laugh. I think I knew exactly how he felt! I feel that way when I hit that 'wall' that someone keeps putting up in front of me. LOL His head was such a beautiful color and his eyes were the coolest green. Oh, he was fine, just needed a few moments to gather his senses. I had to refrain from trying to pick him up!

Okay, a little history here. I love the idea of shooting guns. My favorite game at an amusement park are the water gun games. I usually beat the pants off of everybody. Well, that's my story anyway. ;-)

One time we had some one's gun over here (we don't have guns and hubby is NOT a gun person) and I shot a pop can! I tell anyone who will listen this, it happened years ago. Never mind that it was a gun that shot buck shot, which apparently you really can't miss your target, but that is besides the point, right? I hit the can, that is all that matters.

We have had muskrat problems for years. Each year I tell Brian to get me a gun and I will shoot him. Everyone laughs at me, but I know I could. Well, after the muskrat ate all of day lilies last year and went after Brian's corn, he got me a pellet gun

Now some would wonder at the wisdom of placing a gun in the hands of a slightly demented home school mama of nine who is struggling with depressions symptoms. No worries, when I got to shoot that thing it brought great joy and excitement! Brian told the boys that if mom gets down just set her up with some target practice. And just so you know, I shot that there dang muskrat on my first shot!!! Found 'em dead later that week! Oh, and yes, I was in my robe and slippers when I did it! LOL

Here I was going after his wife, Mrs. Muskrat, later that morning.
Okay, so now you know, I have flipped my lid!
Have a lovely weekend. Love on someone today!

My most recent health update on my other blog.

Results of some recent blood work included.

But he knows the way that I take;
when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

Job 23:10


busymomof10 said...

Oh no! YOu killed "Muskrat Susie" and "Muskrat Sam!" No more "jitterbug in Muskrat Land!" :)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

SO funny! You know, Pete found one dead in our pond today. There's still it's mate swimmin' around and mucking everything up tho. Since you're so close I'll jest give you a holler and you can come down with your gun and 'take care of business".
Might be some good eatin' there!!!

Tell Brian "thanks"!


Camille said...

You brought a smile to me tonight Michelle ~ LOL! Love the gun pic with the bathrobe...too cute! :)

Have a lovely Lord's Day my friend!

busymomof10 said...

Hey, assuming there is no hidden Muskrat in it, I"d like the recipe for your pineapple/coconut smoothie. It looks delish! :)

C.C. said...

haha! When I saw that poor dead bird and reading how you knew how he felt, made me giggle because I too know how he feels! That smoothie looks yummy! are you going to post the recipe!!

Josh said...

Thanks for the humor...This post afforded lots of laughs on my end!


Cherry said...

Thanks for making me feel a little bit better for running out and chasing squirrels with a bb gun (they keep stealing our birdseed). Only thing is, sometimes our neighbor sees me and I walk sheepishly inside! Homeschooling moms can be crazy!

J said...

You are awesome! I love to shoot, too. There's just something super fun about it. Congrats on taking him out with your first shot. That's fantastic!

PS we are officially doing organic eggs and have committed to two organic free range chickens from my friends "test pen." Slowly, we're getting on board. Shelby's wakin' up! :)