Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Announcing . . .

This morning my dear husband drew the winner's name out of the official pillowcase . . .okay, there is no official pillowcase, that is just what we used, and we are excited to announce that . . .
The Winner of the $75.00 gift certificate to U.S. Wellness meats is . . .
Leslie from Rocks the Cradle!!
Could you please email me, Leslie!
Thank you to all who entered. We pray the word continues to get out about where our food comes from and how we can make choices and changes. If you have not watched Food Inc., please do so, it will change your life . . . only for the good, I promise!

A side note here, when U.S. Wellness Meats heard we were doing this with our own money they contacted me and credited me part of the money to cover the cost of the gift certificate and gave us a discount code for our next order. We were so blessed. First, that God would provide in that way. Second, that U.S. Wellness Meats is just that kind of company! We love the product we get from them. Please check them out. Yes, it is more costly, but for some things it is so worth it. We purchase our ground turkey from them that I make into breakfast sausage and Italian sausage. I simply cannot find a better product for a better price! We love their summer sausage and kielbasa. These items are a treat for us, but I love knowing there are no chemicals and junk in them and they taste delish!


Camille said...

Congratulations to Leslie!! AND how wonderful that the company did that for you Michelle ~ isn't it great to see how the LORD provides?? I LOVE IT!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Leslie!

Michelle, the Lord has blessed you for your generosity! I didn't enter your giveaway because I am in Canada, but I looked at the website and the company sounds great.

cradle rocker said...


I am having problems emailing you. Will you please email me? LeslieViles@aol.com

Thanks! I am so excited. I squealed in my husbands ear over the phone!

Regan Family Farm said...

I promise, promise, promise to check this out! You, my friend, amaze me. We are praying for you~
Love, Kathy

cooperkelly4 said...

Hi Michelle, just wanted to pass on some Food Inc. info. It is airing on PBS on Wednesday April 21st and you can just check local listing for the time it airs. (if anyone is in NM it is on at 8pm) =0) Thought you would like to know!

sanjeet said...

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