Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Fun

I just thought it would be fun to share some of the goofiness that sometimes happens here.

The kids were jumping rope this afternoon in the house. It was fun, the older boys competed to see who could jump the most. Son number 3 jumped 50 jumps. So of course, Son number 2 jumped 100! He is very competitive. The cute part was watching the baby 'jump rope', which really was just holding the jump rope and jumping up and down. We counted thirty for our little man.

Tonight, after devotions, we decided to involve Papa. Brian jumped just about 50 times. Yeah, Papa. I decided I should try it. Now, it has been many years since I last jumped rope, and dare I say several children ago. I got about 10 jumps in and . . . let's just say a mama who has been pregnant 15 times, has given birth to nine babies, and doesn't do her Kegel exercises nearly as much as her midwife would like . . . well, maybe she should just watch! LOL If you know what I mean. (wink, wink) I was laughing so hard I had to sit down and cross my legs.

One other silly story. . . Brian and I were at an Antique Store in an old warehouse. It was very crowded with junk, I mean antiques. There was a doorway with a sign above it that said "No hilos beyond this point". Being the ditzy person that I am, I whispered to Brian, "is 'hilos' (heelos) Spanish for children or something?"He cracked up! It is hi-lo, as in the piece of machinery. After he told me we laughed so hard! I just assumed that part of the store must be off limits to children or something. Apparently it was an old sign from back in the day when it was actually a warehouse. Who knew? Oh, and I never had a day of Spanish lessons in my life, can you tell?
They say laughter is the best medicine for adrenal fatigue. I sure got a healthy dose this past week! Okay, now you know, I can be extremely ditzy. Do you still love me?


Connie said...

What wonderful moments. I am glad God gives us reasons to laugh and that you have the ability to enjoy some good moments.

I had a similar moment with a new friend today. We both drug it out as long as we could because we both needed it.

Camille said...

Laughter is really the BEST medicine! Fun stories you shared! YES...I still love you! :)

My most recent incredible laugh I enjoyed was courtesy of our second boy. He could smell some yummy smells coming from the kitchen (I had just browned meaty bones for beef stock). He sauntered in and exclaimed, "mmm....that smells GOOD!" THEN he looked in the pot with the knuckle bones and knees...I think that's what they were...soaking in the water and apple cider vinegar. His face dropped and he whispered, "oh my!" That struck me as HILARIOUS and I couldn't stop laughing.

I thought you'd enjoy that one...considering you know what beef joints in water look like! :)

With Love,

hip chick said...

Of course we still love you!!! What's not to love?
One year when my children were younger they had left their sleds outside in the snow. If you live in the north you know that when sleds are left out more snow comes and you don't see the sleds again till spring. And the stores sell out of sleds so you end up with no sleds in winter and way to many in spring! So, I went stomping out in the yard muttering to myself about ungrateful children...they were watching from the window with their hot cocoas. Well, I got out there and decided that if I had to go pick them up the least I could get out of it was a ride down the sledding hill. So, I slid down! I had forgotten how fun it was!! The kids came running out and we spent the rest of the afternoon building ramps and sledding in the yard. What fun that was.

busymomof10 said...

And you're not even blonde, Michelle!!!! :)

I loved your stories! So glad you enjoyed some healing laughter!

J said...

hee hee!!! That is too funny! I'm right there with you, though, without quite as many births...those babies take a toll on girl's body! :)

Michelle said...

lol...trampoline jumping does the same to me.

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

You sound just like me! I always crack my DH up, unintentionally, which makes him laugh harder. :P And I'm sure we all still love you! It's great to laugh!
The Girl in the Pink Dress