Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nourishing Breakfast Idea

A breakfast idea that is nourishing and frugal is oatmeal. Not packaged, flavored quick oats like we used to eat. :-)
Oatmeal that has been soaked is very nutritious and far superior to boxed cereals. It is so easy to soak the oats the night before and quickly cook them up the next morning.

Soaking grains is very important. As I mentioned before, we ate basically a whole grain diet and our blood work showed that we were actually depleted of the very minerals that are so high in whole grains. How is this possible? Well, by not soaking our grains we were not breaking down the phytic acids which blocked the valuable nutrients from being digested. Also, they contain enzyme inhibitors that interfere with digestion. Not only were we not getting the nutrients we thought we were, the whole grains were actually depleting us of these nutrients.

Here are some great articles on the benefits of soaking grains. You could just 'google' soaking grains and have a field day researching this idea.

We like the texture of Steel Cut Oats vs. Rolled Oats for this application. Rolled oats are too 'mushy', they say. Steel cut oats are also called Irish or Scottish oats. It is the whole oat grain cut instead of rolled. Do not buy 'quick' oats or 'instant' oats, these are too processed. You can usually find steel cut oats in any grocery store these days. Health food stores also have them.

For our family, the night before, we put about 3 cups of steel cut oats in a pan with water to cover and a splash of whey, Kefir, yogurt, lemon juice or vinegar. (It just has to be something acidic as you will find out as you read the articles)

In the morning we drain the extra liquid, add some water and simmer for about 10 minutes, until done.

I then add a ton of real butter, raw preferably, and sweeten with honey or maple syrup. You could use Sucanat or Rapadura if you like.

I like mine with lots of (soaked) chopped nuts and organic dried cranberries.

It is so easy and frugal and so, so good for you.


Connie said...

That does sound so yummy! I did not know about the soaking, however. I know I have lots to learn.

Elaine said...

We love the steel cut oats, but I have never heard about soaking. I clicked on the articles and will read and educate myself. I can just hear my husband when I tell him we are going to soak our oats overnight. I better be able to explain why. :) Thanks for the information!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are inspiring me, and I'm going to try to start soaking my grains again. I've got a wonderful 3-grain (steel-cut oats, rolled barley and quinoa) hot cereal recipe that my family loves. It really wouldn't be hard to soak the grains over-night. I've always got plenty of whey and fresh, raw, cultured buttermilk to work with.

Michele said...

I've only read a bit on why you should soak your grains, so I have more homework to do. What I'd like to know, since you mentioned that a blood test showed that you were lacking nutrients, how your health has changed for the better since changing your way of eating. What differences have you noticed in yourself and your family? I'd love to know your experiences.....what did you start with? How did you make the change?

Thanks! I always feel refreshed and challenged by your blog. :)