Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Then Shall We Eat

I have for a long time wanted to write big elaborate posts encouraging you women to eat more traditionally; more healthfully. I have learned so much over the last couple of years that has made a tremendous difference in our health.

I don't have the time or mental energy to go into lengthy posts full of information so I thought rather than not do it at all I would just start sharing little snippets here and there and try to provide links for you to do your own research as God leads.

There are so many great blogs out there by women who are called by God, I believe, to share this information. They have the time and mental capacity to do this. I realized I don't need to reinvent the wheel, I'll just show you where I learned it. I am forever indebted to these women who willingly and graciously share their journey to health and how they truly nourish their families. I feel like I know them well. I have poured over their writings and soaked them all up. Several of them are in my blog roll.

They are Kimi from Nourishing Gourmet, Stephanie from Keeper of the Home and Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking. Please, go meet my friends, you will be glad you did. These are just a few of the many wonderful "Nourishing Tradition" blogs.

I'll share a brief testimony. I was raised on the Standard American Diet (SAD), and since getting married have been on a journey to eat more healthful. Only recently did the Lord really open my eyes to an even healthier way of eating. For years we ate everything whole wheat, less than the average amount of processed foods, and what seemed like plenty of fruits and vegetables. Long story short, for all this healthy eating, we found out we were actually lacking in many of the normal minerals and vitamins, via a blood test.

This is about the time the Lord led me to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and the Weston A. Price foundation. I suggest, if the Lord leads, to research these resources. I wholeheartedly believe pretty much everything they teach and God used them to connect all the dots! For years I was so close yet so far away.

My heart is to reach younger women, as well as older, so they can teach the younger. As a woman who has surrendered her body to the Lord to use as He sees fit and to bring forth as many Godly seed as HE chooses, I wish I had this information when I was younger. Not only for my sake, but for the sake of my children and their children. My body might be in a much healthier state had I known what I know now and am continuing to learn.

PLEASE, please, at the very least, pray about this. Only take this on if this is what God has for you now. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed; trust His good Spirit to lead. Maybe this is an answer to prayer, as it was for me. I am not kidding when I tell you that the way we ate before these changes would put most American families to shame. I thought I was doing so well, and I was for what I knew then, but if I was missing it, others might be too.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I bought the Nourishing Traditions cookbook about 3 years ago and it changed our lives. While I don't do everything they say to do, like soaking my flours, I do eat all raw dairy and make almost everything from scratch. We do whole grains and stay away from refined sugars. I started this new way of eating when I was pregnant with my daughter. The difference between my son's health and my daughter's health as babies was astounding. I still feel so bad about what I was putting into his body. I love the baby food section of that book. Hailey was a happy avacado/raw egg yolk eating baby. Thanks for bringing this subject up. It is one of the purposes of my starting a blog, to encourage women to feed their families better. Thanks for doing the same.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I was just going to say, "check out my sister's blog", but she already posted! Her blog is awesome. She pours her heart into teaching us bit by bit how to eat healthier.

Connie said...

You are introducing a huge topic. Will look forward to what you share.

Cherry said...


I was just wondering what you suggest would be first steps for a busy mother of four little ones (5 and under) on a limited budget and who has limited time to find ingredients and time to prepare foods. I feel we do eat healthfully, but would like your opinion on what the most important dietary changes would be for someone who doesn't know how she can add one more thing to her to-do list!

Thank you for all your encouragement for struggling women like me!


Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Cheese makin Mama, thanks for you input, your blog is great, and if it is okay, I will probably link to it in further posts! You have some great instructional posts!

Cherry, sounds like you have your plate full! Let the Lord lead you in this, do not take this on if this is not from Him! I hope future posts will be an encouragement and help. Let me know if you have any questions. you may also email personally anytime too, okay?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Absolutely! I'd be honored.