Sunday, August 2, 2009

Marriage Monday "Carrying Out God's Plan"

This is a really great quote from a book my husband is reading called, The Christian Family by Larry Christenson. (Actually it is Larry Christenson quoting Peter Marshall) This book is amazing. We have read SO many books on parenting and family, and I would have to say that this is probably in the top two or three all time favorites! It is an older book, from 1970, but can be found used on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

‘A Good Wife. . . More Precious Than Jewels”

In A Man Called Peter’, Catherine Marshall tells how her late husband tended to put women on a pedestal. She quotes the following from one of his sermons:

“Modern girls argue that they have to earn an income,

in order to establish a home, which would be impossible on their husband’s income.

That is sometimes the case, but it must always be viewed as a regrettable necessity,

never as the normal or natural thing for a wife to have to do.

The average woman, if she gives her full time to her home,

her husband, her children . . .

If she tries to understand her husband’s work. .

to curb his egotism while,

at the same time, building up his self-esteem,

to kill his masculine conceit while encouraging all his hopes,

to establish around the family a circle of true friends . . .

If she provides in the home a proper atmosphere of culture,

of love of music, of beautiful furniture and of a garden. . .

If she can do all this,

she will be engaged in a life work that will demand every ounce of her strength,

every bit of her patience, every talent God has given her,

the utmost sacrifice of her love.

It will demand everything she has and more.

And she will find that for which she was created.

She will know that she is carrying out the plan of God.

She will be a partner with the Sovereign Ruler of the universe.”

I also thought this post went great with the post I wrote for

Please go check it out and maybe share a little of your "journey home".

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Aylin said...

I just read your "At the Well..." post and wanted to come on over to your blog and thank you for writing it! I have found the same things to be true and faced the same pressures to "be in ministry" BUT GOD! gently spoke to my heart to show me where I need to be in ministry: right at home! Not that I am perfect, far from it, but my heart resonates with the truth you wrote.

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Thank you, Aylin, for sharing that. I am so glad that post only confirmed all the more what God has worked in your heart!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Excellent thoughts on both articles! My prayer is that more women would realize is 'true freedom' to be who the Lord made us to be and not feel we have to live up to some image we have created ourselves.

Many blessings...

Jan said...

Thank you so much for both of your articles. I was very young when I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mom. I'll admit I was ashamed of that calling. Now I am living that dream, but I'm not sure I am living it to the fullest. Thank you for your wisdom!

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

This is definitely a "Christian Classic" of a book.

Pauline said...

Wow - great and uplifting post. Thank you! Sometimes it is really nice to hear those words about how valuable our job is!
Thank you for taking the time to write them.