Monday, August 24, 2009

Marriage Monday: "Rooted in Christ"

This a quote from the book I mentioned before called,
"The Christian Family" by Larry Christenson
I once again whole heartedly recommend it.
A wife is more than a mother, housekeeper, cook, counselor, and chauffeur.
She will not find the deep places of her heart satisfied with bowling, bridge,
PTA meetings, or even church work. On the other hand,
if her sole source of happiness lies in her husband of her children,
she is also doomed to disappointment.
God did not intend us to find satisfaction a part from Himself.
A wife who puts Jesus first will be a joy both to her ‘lord’ and to her Lord! (See I Peter 3:6.)

A radiant wife, who once sought escape in intellectual pursuits,
recently disclosed her secret for finding fulfillment in life:
"It’s doing what Jesus wants me to do!"
She went on to say that Jesus can change out attitudes;
He can even change the routine tasks that were once a drudgery into a joy.
"Be rooted in Christ, not in your husband;
then you are free to be a worthwhile person,
a good wife."
Jesus gives you the invitation to take your anxieties to the cross,
and to leave the reforming of your husband in God’s hands.
The wife who is trusting God is not nagging her husband.
I loved what he said about needing to find our sole satisfaction in Christ alone. If we tend to idolize our husbands, we place a burden on them they were not meant to bear. This does not mean that we cannot lean on them and be incredibly one with them, it just means we had better not make 'gods' of them.
Be rooted in Christ, not your husband . . .brilliant!


Our Blessed Savior said...

great post!

Camille said...

Thank you for the godly encouragement...I love coming to your blog! :)