Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Evil Twins and Comparison

Envy, Jealousy and Comparison all play really well together.  They feed off each other and help one another grow, drive the roots deeper into the heart, seeking to destroy and suffocate.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it.


Envy, Jealousy and Comparison are really just fruit, bad, rotten fruit, but fruit, none-the-less.  If there is fruit than there must be a root.  I want to share a bit about some of the major ‘roots’ to these evil companions as I have experienced them in my own life.

I believe some of the major roots to Envy and Jealous have to do with a

  • deep lack of knowledge of our value
  • who we are in Christ
  • insecurity
  • lack of contentment
  • a lack of trust in God
  • (there is more, of course)

Let’s think about it for just a minute.  When I know that I know I am a treasure in the arms of Christ, that I am valuable just the way I am, that nothing I do or say changes that value in the eyes of the ONLY ONE who matters, I have no need or lack that sends me looking at others and what they have and what they do.  When I am comfortable in my own skin, I don’t go looking for someone else’s skin to try to fit in.

When I really understand who I am in Christ and because of Christ and that I am chosen, holy and dearly loved there is no ‘lack’ that needs filling.  I don’t look at what others have and long for it because I am so ‘fulled up’ (as my grandson says) that it doesn’t matter what you have or do, I know I am something special and it becomes enough.

When I begin to be thankful and content with who I am and what I have, I have no need for anymore.  The only way to a life of contentment that I can figure out is to be radically thankful for all that I do have

When I become so content with my lot in life, my gifts, my talents, my calling there is not need to compare to others.

Also, when I learn that I can trust my Father, even in the things I ‘think’ I lack, I stop looking to the other side of the fence for greener grass.

When we compare, we almost always will come up short in some way or another.

Instead of trying not to be Envious or Jealous, it seems more profitable to address the root. 

Saturate your mind with the Word of God. Read over and over chapters like, Ephesians 1 and Colossians 1. 

Meditate on all the verses that tell you who you are in Christ. 

I remember when we first got saved we would hear teachings on renewing our minds on who we are in Christ and I am ashamed to say that I blew it off, it seemed way to ‘elementary’.  “Come on, I know who I am in Christ”.  I now wonder how many years of struggling I could have avoided had I heeded this simple ‘elementary’ teaching. Sigh.

Be radically thankful!  Our dear sister, Ann Voskamp writes beautifully about this.

Do you see any of these ‘roots’ in your own life?  Have you overcome some of these?  Care to share a piece of your journey?

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