Friday, March 15, 2013

REST: 5 Minute Friday

Rest, sweet rest.  This is something I knew very little about for years and years.  It nearly destroyed me, this ignorance.  I would push and push, just trying to do something to earn the air I was breathing. 

Rest, such a waste of time.  Surely it is only for the ‘lazy’ folks who just don’t know that there is stuff to be done.  After collapsing from severe exhaustion, I began to hear His voice, gently calling me to rest.  But, but, how?  How do I just stop?  How do I just ‘rest’?? 

Learning to rest has been one of the most painful yet exhilarating lessons of my life.  I struggled and fought with everything in me to learn to rest.  Funny, I struggled to rest.  I laugh now, but it was so hard.

Once I realized that drivenness is not a good character quality but an evil spirit, one to repented of and gotten rid of, peace came.  Rest came. 

You see, Jesus does NOT drive us, He leads us.  Satan drives and pushes and never relents.  Not so with my Jesus.  He is gentle and loving and knows how far to take us and when to lie us down in green pastures.  Yes, once that enemy was gone, rest, true, deep rest filled my soul.

Now, even in the crazy busy there is rest.  Rest has precious little to do with inactivity, at least for me.  It has so much more to do with my soul being at rest in Him.  Oh, I still physically rest, but the inner rest is far sweeter.

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Five Minute Friday


Thoughts for the day said...

GREAT post. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to REST.
Restore ourselves.
Energize ourselves.
Seek quiet for ourselves.
Trust in HIM who gives us rest.

angela said...

Thanks for posting this. I have followed your blog for a while, but I haven't been here for about a year. My mom passed away last year from cancer and I've been preoccupied... I remembered that you were dealing with adrenal fatigue the last time I read your blog and also that you had been healed. After my mom died my life was "different"... I think to deal with it I kept super busy... I have 4 littles so I thought I don't have time to be down. Anyway, I started having some real issues with my body not acting right. After some study I KNOW it's my hormones. I started taking better care of myself and then I got pregnant. I have always been driven. I want to be respected and admired. I can't sit and look around my house and see things that need to be done without doing them. I want to save the world and all that Jazz. But, I started having all the same and worse problems again. Yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed and that scared me... What you said in this post and also in another about divine healing spoke to me this morning. This is not only physical it is spiritual as well and I never considered that satan would be the one pushing me to be more, to do more and not enter in the rest that Jesus would like to provide for me. I don't want to be still and yes I consider it lazy, but I also don't want to be FORCED by a sick body to lie down. Thank you for sharing. I will be contemplating all this today... Thank you!!!