Monday, February 18, 2013

Capture the Moments

Life, being what it is, fleeting, doesn’t seem to stop.  Life doesn’t seem to care how important each moment is.  It just marches on and we are caught up in, whether we like it or not.

It is so easy for the moments, the days, the years to get away from us.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Each season in life is different. 

When you have a house full of babies, it seems the moments d.r.a.g on, am I right?

When your house if filled with teenagers, time seems to whiz on by.

I find myself in a very different season right now.  I have adult children, teenagers, and littles.  I also have a business and ministry that demands a lot of my time.  If I am not careful, time gets away from me.  The moments, they fly by and it all looks like a blur.  So much of life is missed when it’s all blurry.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart lately.  The word ‘moments’ keeps coming to my mind.  My days with the children are no longer defined by the minutes in my beautifully printed up schedule that has each and every minute accounted for.  Schedule??  That’s funny!

No, it’s different right now.  It’s the ‘moments’ I am after.  ‘Capture the Moments’, I hear whispered in my heart.  Stop and and grab hold of the moments.  Cherish them, delight in them.

I feel the need to ponder this.  Next time, let’s define ‘moment’ and ‘capture’.  Maybe look for ways to ‘Capture the Moments’

What season do you find yourself in right now? Is life a bit ‘blurry’?



Anonymous said...

I find myself in hurried life too often. I have to force myself to stop doing whatever and go to bed to sleep at night. Rest is so important to function, have a good attitude, and health. We begin every day in family devotions and it seems to center us for what the day brings. Thank you for this reminder!

cooperkelly4 said...

pretty blurry here, but actually slower than a couple of years ago. =0) Determining not to miss these moments.

American Home said...

My life is a rush right now but we are taking big steps to simplify everything and concentrate on the thngs that are really important. Thanks for sharing.


Coby said...

I'm in a season of keeping my chin above water! It's good, though - I'm definitely being stretched in a lot of ways, but simultaneously the Lord is allowing a season of rest, if that makes sense! I'm just trying to enjoy this season with my little boys who are still little enough to sit in my lap and who like to snuggle. :-)