Saturday, May 1, 2010

Island of Patmos

I was reading a wonderful devotional about the Island of Patmos and immediately I knew I could relate. I feel as though I am on my own little Island of Patmos. John received great revelations, actually the Book of Revelations, on the Island of Patmos! I have been receiving my own little, and some not so little, revelations.

Here is an excerpt:

It might have been thought that John, in his dreary exile, was terribly isolated. Some one has said, not isolated, but insulated, and there is a world of difference between the two. . . Nothing to see! Alone! Ah, but John found it not so! The overwhelming glory of the sight of his risen Lord . . . Most of us are well acquainted with this experience. We may not have had to suffer at the hands of any earthly potentate, but there must be comparatively few who have not, at sometime, had to bury their fondest hopes, their most eager desires. Oh, weary troubled heart, if God has led you to the Island of Buried Hopes, it is that He may show you yet more wonderful things. He has not failed you, nor forgotten you, but has led you into the darkened room because, in His own time and way, He would reveal to you the unsuspected glory of His grace and power.

This is what it feels like for me. This time of seemingly being set aside has turned into the most wonderful time with my Lord. I have always adored His Word, but never like I have of late! I have always soaked up His presence, not never like right now. He is showing me things in His Word that are setting me free and bringing a healing that was quite unexpected. How simple minded I can be, searching for physical healing alone, when my Father longs to bring healing to my whole self; spirit, soul and body! Marvelous are Thy Works!!

A few of the most recent 'revelations' and healings have been, deliverance from an unloving spirit that has had me bound for years! It manifested in my life in perfectionism, drivenness, self-hatred, always struggling with myself, ect. I repented for calling what He calls 'fearfully and wonderfully made', ugly and awful. Once I did this, times of great refreshing came. I now can see the lies I have believed and am able to take the thoughts of self-hatred captive and replace them with the TRUTH!

Another 'revelation', if you will, came when I was reading in the Old Testament. I don't remember the exact scripture right now, but it ministered greatly to my heart. Brian walked into the room as I finished reading and I said, "I don't have to be perfect for God to love me." I think there may have been a light bulb over my because he was able to see this wasn't just some flippant comment; I was serious and for the first time in my life I actually believed it! We both had tears in our eyes. This man has been telling me this and many other things for years. He was thrilled to see I finally believed it.

Another big 'revelation' is that I am a great mama! I have been believing a lie forever, it seems! I am not the mama I was ten years ago, and I am not the mama I will be ten years from now, but I am a very good mama! Once I was delivered from that unloving spirit, the blinders came off and I was able to see lie after lie I have believed! Again, when I shared this with Brian, we both cried. How many times has he told me I am a good mama?! The burden I saw leave him was so precious. He loves me so much and how awful to see someone you love with all your heart literally hate themselves and constantly beat themselves up!

So, I don't think I can possibly put into words the magnitude of just these few revelations, but they are only the beginning. There are so many things that are being dealt with. I sort of feel like what my children felt like the first time they wore their glasses. We walked out the doctor's office and they were astounded at what the world really looked like. That is how I feel. I am seeing things like I have never seen before.

We start an online seminar on Monday. Please continue to pray for us for the next few weeks. I really do sense that this is just the beginning and it might get ugly before it gets beautiful.
Look at the precious verse the Lord put on my heart today.

Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;
But the LORD will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.
The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.
“ Lift up your eyes all around, and see:
They all gather together, they come to you;
Your sons shall come from afar,
And your daughters shall be nursed at your side.
Then you shall see and become radiant,
And your heart shall swell with joy;
Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you,
The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.

(Isaiah 60:1-5)
Do you find yourself on your own Island of Patmos? Maybe you are surrounded and overtaken by little people day in and day out. Maybe you are on a sickbed or great with child. Maybe you feel all alone and isolated in your marriage. Whatever it is, lift up your eyes and see your Risen Lord Who loves you and will show you great and glorious things!
Have a lovely weekend, dear friends!


Mrs.B said...

What a wonderful loving Father we have. Thank you for sharing what he has given you lately!!

~~~In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B~~~

His bondservant said...


I can so relate to what you are saying that I am so very deeply moved. It has brought to light my own feelings of inadequacies...perfectionism, not loving myself, etc. And I, like you, have a wonderful husband who is always affirming just the opposite of what I feel. All my life I was brought up to believe that people will only like or love me if I look a certain way or act a certain way. Getting older, with a few more pounds than before is very hard to deal with when that is your view. My husband tells me, "I wish just for once you could get inside my head and see yourself the way I see you." But, even beyond my dh...I know how this must grieve the heart of God. I will be praying for you dear sister...and if you think of me...pray for me as well.

In Christ alone,

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visiting here! I think I just read that same devotional and it encouraged me greatly! The Lord has been encouraging me so much lately and it is exciting to read what He is doing in your life as well!

Sweet blessings,

Natalieh said...

HalleluYah, Our savior Our Papa is SO loving, SO precious, SO wonderful. I am so glad for you, Michelle. :) Thank You, Father!


Nancy said...

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kanishk said...

Thank you for sharing what he has given you lately!!
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