Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gift From a Sweet Friend and God

I have been having several pretty rough days in a row after a wonderful run of about 10 days of finally feeling well.

Yesterday I was making dinner, the grill flared up and was charring our organic grass-fed steaks, the kitchen was a mess, I was fighting the tears when my dear husband walks in with a hug and the mail. There was a package for me, which helps the tears dry up ;-) and look what it was!!

Thank you my sweet friend, Linda, you made my day! The details behind me getting this bag are too many to type, but trust me, this bag will always remind me of how much my Jesus loves me!

This Market Bag is adorable! The quality is amazing! Please go check out Linda's blog, Prairie Flower Farm. She has a very sweet blog and on her sidebar you can see all the really neat things she makes and sells.


Regan Family Farm said...

What a blessing...seems small, yet God uses it at just the right time, just the right way, and the blessing becomes enormous!

Camille said...

So sorry you have been feeling a bit down lately Michelle! How wonderful that you were the happy recipient of one of Linda's creations. She is one talented lady. Oh that bag looks SOOOO pretty!! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Kim said...

Very Cute bag. I just came across your blog and am so thankful that the little package in the mail was a pick me up. It is such a blessing to have friends and have the Lord to work in just the right time for Mr. Postman to deliver the little packages.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I love how God takes care of us that way. What a sweet surprise on a difficult day. (Can't imagine losing organic, grass-fed steaks to a hot grill! Ugh!)

So sorry you've had some rough days. Hope you bounce back.

PS I love your new profile pic.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I love Linda's blog. She is such a sweet woman! :) Love your bag she made you!!! :)

Also...I love your large family! :)