Monday, March 22, 2010

$ 75.00 Give Away!!

Today I want to announce a $75.00 giveaway! Yep, you read that right, $75.00! And yes, I believe it is that important!

It is actually a $75.00 gift certificate to U.S. Wellness Meats! I have mentioned them before, they sell awesome grass-fed meat products and other various items. We buy all of our ground turkey from them, as well as some specialty meats for a treat once in awhile.

All you have to do to enter the drawing for this awesome

$75.00 gift certificate from U.S. Wellness Meats


Watch Food Inc. and then blog about it on your blog. Come back here and leave a comment on this post with the link to your post so I can go and read it. An idea to post about might be some action steps you are going to take since seeing this movie.

If someone reads about this on your blog, and then watches Food Inc. and also blogs about it, and then comes to my sight leaving their link as well as mentioning your name, you will get another entry in the drawing as well as them. Your name will be entered in for each person that mentions your name after they too have posted about it.

I will give two full weeks to do this in. Food Inc. is available on Amazon (for purchase or rent)and Netflix, as well as many local video stores and local libraries. All entries must be in by Monday, April 5, 2010 by midnight.

If you have already watched and posted about Food Inc. in the past, you must re-post or write a new one. I want the word out afresh. Make sure you spread the word, the more people who mention they saw it on your blog the more entries you will get! You will not be disappointed with the products from U.S. Wellness Meats, I promise!!

Please feel free to ask any questions. This sounds clear in my head, not sure if it translates on paper, please let me know!

In Summary:

*Watch Food Inc.

*Post about on your blog

*Come back here with your link

*Encourage others to do the same

I am sorry, U.S. Wellness Meats does not ship to Canada ;-( I am going to limit this give-away to the United States only. Due to the fact that my whole purpose in doing this is to spread the word about the quality and origin of our food, I am going to have to limit this to people with blogs. I am trying to make as big of an impact as I can with this.

Did I mention, $75.00 U.S. Wellness Meats Gift Certificate??!!


Diane said...

Thanks for this giveaway, we have been looking to buy online organic meat and this would help greatly with the process. Please enter me in the giveaway and you can see my humble blog entry at

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I am so in on this! After spending the weekend reading what the FDA and Monsanto have been up to, I could hardly see straight. My newest blog post details this, and also sends folks back here for your generous giveaway.

Thanks Michelle!


rebecca said...

I would love to be entered into this drawing however I do not have a blog. With that being said, my family and I are currently making changes in how and what we eat. I live in CA and its not quite as easy to purchase food in the way we should due to expense and availability. However, I am going to get back into my grinding of wheat, and as much homemade food in its natural state as possible. Prayerfully I will be able to "hook up" with a new gal who is in charge of our local Azure Standard co op. In addition to that, my wonderful dear hubby has made it a point for us to plant and grow as much of our fruits/veggies that we can. There is nothing more satisfying that going to your own backyard and pulling off a tomato that has been grown w/o pesticides. Finally, our country has it all backwards when we charge $5 for a pint of berries and that same $5 will get me more unhealthy food at my local fast food joint. There is a real disconnect which for us is truly eye opening and sad at the same time. Our nation can and should do better in how we feed and nourish its citizens.
Sorry to make this note so long, but I agree with you 100% that everyone should see Food Inc., so they are educated in how and where our food supply comes from. But more importantly who is really influencing and benefitting the nations food supply.
God Bless,

cradle rocker said...


I just posted on my blog. This movie really changed the way I look at my food and where it comes from.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh, I LOVE this company! I bought a whole mess of the extra dry beef jerky before a family vacation to California and would absolutely love to get a whole mess of it for freeeeeee! I'll be back.
PS And I've already watched Food Inc. Whoa - scary stuff. I've been getting Organic Grass Fed beef for a few years, and I've been buying healthy chicken for a while. But I had NO idea how absolutely HORRIBLE the situation with the meat industry was. I won't EVER EVER EVER look at meat the same way again. YUCK!!

Lauren said...

I came across this post at've already watched the movie and honestly it was old news to me; however, it has changed the lives of so many of those I've recommended it to. I would love to try the US Wellness Meats broth... it sounds like a frugal way to get the most "good stuff" in.

Sandra said...

Like Lauren, it's old news to me. I worked in an industry where I had to visit slaughter houses, chicken and turkey houses, etc. I know, first hand, how the meat industry is in this country; no movie can match seeing it in person but I'm glad someone is raising the red flag.
I think country people, generally, live better than city people. We're able to grow or raise our own food or barter/buy with other folks who are raising/growing what we want/need. I do a lot of buying and bartering from other small acreage farmers as well as buy at the farmers' market. I raise a garden and put up the surplus by canning, freezing or drying.
City people can become members of a Community Supported Agriculture or having a Victory Garden...if they would get up off their fat acres and just do it.
People don't realize it's US and not THEM; WE are the problem and, therefore, the solution. So many teachers, government employees, doctors, nurses, union employees and millions of others have stock in Monsanto, Archer Daniel Midlands and other like-minded companies through their work related 401.K or retirement plans. Yet, how many of us are at the shareholder meetings letting the CEO and Board of Director's know we are against their corporate policy? Not many, I'm afraid but CEO's and CFO's take notice when shareholders vote with their feet and their money...that gets more attention than talk. Always.
I'm afraid you've hit my hot button. This is an on-going problem and the state and national farm bureau is NO friend to the small acreage farmer! They want to get rid of us because we cost too much on insurance premiums. They claim to be the "largest organization representing farmers" but you know what? It's not true. In Virginia, VA Farm Bureau membership is more than 100,000 but there are only about 52,000 farmers, according to the USDA. All those members are urban and suburban folks who HAVE to be members in order to buy farm bureau insurance!
WHACK! Uh. Gotta go. I just ran out of treadmill -grin-.
Great post, well done!

Lisa said...

I watched it today (finally!) and blogged about it. You can view the blog here

Marie said...

Food Inc is a big eye-opener! It was a great documentory for the whole family to watch! It made me look at our whole food source very differently! A must watch! My son rented it from our local Blockbuster several months back. Thanks for the info!

NanaV said...

My children and I just watched Food Inc. last night, and afterwards, I gave my husband the blow-by-blow run down. He was as shocked as I was at the condition of our food supply.

I do not have a blog, so I'll leave my action points here.

1. I already buying most of our meats at Whole Foods. Now I will only look for meats that are grass-fed or free-range, w/o hormones & w/o antibiotics.
2. I will be looking for locally farmed produce at the grocery and farmers' market.
3. I will investigate local sources of raw milk.
4. I will stop buying soy & corn products. We're mostly at this point already.
5. And, I'm going to use the Food Inc. film as part of a science discussion this afternoon.

Glad to know!

Amy Ellen said...

I would love to be in this giveaway, but I watched Food Inc a while back and put it on my blog way back then... so I don't meet your criteria!

Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't just totally ignoring this great giveaway!

Love and peace, ae

legendswife said...

Thanks so much for posting this (the giveaway is like the My husband and I just watched this the other day. You can read about it on my blog, The Way We Home School.

God Bless

Jenni said...

I have actually watched this movie twice. It is a very eye opening movie. You can read my thoughts here. I posted it on both of my blogs.

or my other blog is

I prefer the blogspot blog though.

Thanks for the giveaway and getting the message out about Food Inc.


cooperkelly4 said...

HI Michelle, first thank you for the generous giveaway. I just finished watching Food Inc and boy is that an eye opener! I have been wanting to watch it for awhile and I am really glad that I did. I shared about it on my blog and you can read about it here:

Thanks again for the opportunity. Kelly

June said...

Hey! I've been meaning to watch Food, Inc. This was the perfect excuse! :) Crossing my fingers for a win!

Army Spouse said...

I don't have a blog either, but I still thought I'd leave a comment.
After having read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and "Fast Food Nation", not much was new to me, but actually seeing it on film, just brought tears to my eyes. It was gut-wrenching to watch them push a cow around with a fork lift. I actually cried. And the woman whose son died just made me remember that this could happen to anyone. I have a 4 year old. Such a terrible thing that didn't have to happen if people cared more about what's going on with our food.
We've been eating healthy for awhile now. I cannot eat non-grassfed beef. I just can't. And I won't feed it to my son, either. My husband isn't so much on-board with this movement; he wouldn't watch the film. But he does support me in however I see fit in feeding the family. It's been tougher finding good local food and raw milk here in NC; we used to live on the Central Coast of California, where wonderful food was abound! But I do my best.
I recommend Food Inc. to everyone and post stories about Monsanto on my Facebook wall pretty often. People need to wake up or the health of our nation will continue to deteriorate.