Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Devotional Material For The Littles!

I was blessed enough to be able to get back to a small portion of our morning circle time. One of the things we do (or did before I got sick ;-) is read from the bible while the littles color the appropriate color sheet. We have used these off and on for the last several years. We have, at times, just read from the beginning. We have read certain 'stories', for example, the Passover Story. We have done the Easter Story, and now we are working through the Christmas Story.
We color a certain amount and then staple them into an empty file folder. The children now have a 'book' containing their pictures and delight to retell them to Daddy!
Here is the link for the New Testament and the Old Testament.
I just print up enough copies for each child to color, but you have options of crossword puzzles, questions and word searches for each story. We love these. I use these for my twelve and under children. The twelve year old and thirteen year old are getting a little 'bored' with the coloring. One free hand draws the picture for the story and the other rewrites (narrates) the story.
Hope this helps. It is so easy!

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Emily said...

Those are great devotionals! I printed up the Birth of Jesus one and will work on that in the morning with my kids! Thanks for the site! It's great! Glad you're starting to feel somewhat better! You're in my prayers!