Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Homeschool Resource

I recently discovered a wonderful website called Simply Charlotte Mason. Years ago we did more Charlotte Mason type of schooling, but the last several years we fell back on just the basics and relied heavily on textbooks. (which I love by the way, I am not an anti-textbook Mama ;-)
During what I call 'our survival years', it was all I could do to open a textbook assign a few pages and move on to the next child. Funny, how all those years I felt we just weren't doing enough God's grace more than covered it and we are still "ahead" of each child's grade level. (Whatever being 'ahead' or 'grade level' means ;-)
This year I feel the Lord's leading to go back to a little more Charlotte Mason type things and this particular website has been invaluable! It did for me just what the name says, it made Charlotte Mason style of teaching 'simple'.
I bought many of their products and am very happy with them. I do think they might be geared to the younger children, say below 8th grade, though they do show you how to use it for older children as well.
Just thought I would pass the information along!

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