Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy Ground

It may be on a kitchen floor,
Or in a busy shopping store,
Or teaching, nursing, day by day,
Till limb and brain almost give way;
Yet if, just there, by Jesus thou art found,
The place thou standest on is Holy Ground.
(M. Colley)
Hear me today, when you
kiss a boo-boo,
wipe a nose,
change a diaper,
stay up all night with a sick child,
wash yet another load of laundry,
listen to one more story,
give until there is literally N O T H I N G left to give
physically, emotionally, spiritually,
and you do all this and more, serving and loving your Jesus,
the ground you stand on is indeed HOLY!
You could try, but you could not convince me of a greater work in the kingdom than of surrendering your body to bring forth godly seed for the Master. To nourish and care for eternal souls, E T E R N A L souls that He has graciously loaned to us for such a short time.
Stop right now, look down, you see that ground? That is holy ground!
Lord Jesus open our eyes to the eternal value of what You have called us too. Give us just a glimpse into Your holy and eternal purpose in this beautiful thing called motherhood.


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Hi, Michelle. Just checking on you. How'ya doin'?

starcraft mega fan said...

love it!

Katie LaPierre said...

oops, I am not a "starcraft mega fan"! Looks like my little brother forgot to log off... I am the one who loves this post :0)