Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organization 101: School Room/Children's Stuff

I recently revamped and reorganized our School Room. (which we don't do school in, it is more like a Resource Room) I will be showing you before and after photos. Please do not be shocked by the before photos, the room was neglected for a long time!

Okay, there, now you can see what a mess it was!
While reorganizing I thought I would share some tips that we use to attempt to keep the children's things organized.

I am known as the Rubbermaid Queen and my dear husband has said more than once that we should buy stock in Rubbermaid. I love containers! I am no respecter of Rubbermaid containers, though I do love the new purple and green ones they have recently come out with. ;-)

On with the tips:

  • We keep just about everything in containers!
  • We do not collect or keep any 'single' item toys. If it is not part of a set, then it can't stay! One exception are the baby toys.
  • We purpose to collect toys that are from one particular group.

For example,

Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Lovin' Family House stuff

Big Legos

Small Legos

Kitchen Stuff

Dress up Stuff

Lincoln Logs


  • Again, unless a new toy is a set or can be made into one, it has to go!
  • I label each container. I love to type them so they all look neat and perfect. I type them up in Word, print on regular paper, cut to size and attach with my favorite packing tape.

I make sure the whole label is covered to protect it. I vary the size of the font for the size of the container.

  • Try to always buy containers on sale. (This doesn't always work if you are a 'mad woman' at times crazily organizing because it has to be done right NOW! I'm just saying. . .)
  • Keep in mind the space you will be putting your containers before you purchase. Measure exactly what you will need and take it to the store with you. For one cabinet I carefully measured exactly what size containers would fill the space perfectly. As my organizing friend always say, "make sure you use all your vertical space too"
  • It helps to be ruthless when it comes to keeping this system in check. It is not worth keeping if it doesn't have a perfect home! (or doesn't fit into a container, but that's just my phobia ;-)
  • Library books always go in a sturdy basket in the living room. This keeps them neat, safe, and in one spot. (in theory)
  • I like to keep flimsy children's paperback books in baskets of some sort on shelves.

  • Other children's things I keep in containers are . . .
    Colored Pencils
    Kid's Scissors
    Water Color Paints
    Dry Erase Markers

I am sure there must be other ideas I could pass along, maybe another time.

I hope this inspired you or gave you some new ideas!

I would LOVE to hear any and all of your storage solutions!

I will post 'after' pictures in the next post.

You can find other great tips at We are that Family


pucktricks said...

We do containers too, not as obsessively as you do, but it's a constant fight to keep it there.

Civilla said...

Yes, I am starting to get into containers. Those bins stack so nicely!

BTW, my husband says that I run a "Tupperware Rescue Mission" because I go around to yard sales and buy it up for cheap!

Kirsty said...

I love the concept of keeping everything in sets. I could get rid of a lot of clutter using that rule! Thanks!

Buildeth Her House said...

That looks so neat and organized! I'm currently organizing my home and this will REALLY help. Esp the toy rule.

Deanna said...

Really neat and I mean that!