Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marching Orders For the Week

Commit you way to the Lord, trust also in Him
and He shall bring it to pass.
(Psalm 37:5)

Is there some desire or prayer heavy on your heart today? Something you hold onto so tightly? You try to make it happen. You try to force the solution? You fret over it, wondering if it will ever change.

Maybe it’s your marriage, your spouse…
Maybe it’s your children or one of your children…
Maybe it’s your health or someone’s health that is dear to you…
Maybe it’s YOU! Your weaknesses, sin or personal struggles…
Maybe it’s your financial situation…
Maybe it’s just the day-to-day that you cannot seem to change…
Whatever it is, your El Shaddai , your Almighty God can be trusted.

Why not get on your knees right now, bow your head and commit your way to the Lord, trust Him with your desire and let Him bring the answer to pass.

Let Him fill your heart and mind with peace.

He can be trusted! Do you believe this?!

Do your part, commit and trust!

Commit: (Strong’s #1556) to be rolled together, to roll oneself upon. The picture is rolling oneself upon the Lord, trusting, committing one’s life to the Lord.

(Strong’s 982) to attach oneself, confide in, feel safe, be confident, secure… this type of hope is a confident expectation, not a constant anxiety. We can truly relax when we know God is in control.

Okay, you have your marching orders for the week! COMMIT and TRUST!


Civilla said...

You bet! Good thoughts. I am trusting. God is my only hope. How are things going for you?

The Black Family said...

Thank you so much, for posting this!! It is so easy to tell others to do this...but for some reason it can be hard for me to remember. I am constantly refocusing myself back to the one who wants all my burdens!!