Saturday, April 18, 2009

Come Meet a Lovely Woman

I wanted to take the time to mention somebody who is so sweet and encouraging. She frequently comments on my blog with very kind and uplifting words. I think she is one of those people that if you ever got to meet in real life you would be so sure that you would just love them to pieces!

I don't know if she is even old enough to be my mom, but she is the kind of woman you would want for a mom. She notices things and encourages you in a way only a mom could.

She has a lovely and peaceful blog. I love to go and just be refreshed, and that is exactly what happens every time I go visit. She has a prayer list on her blog and I find myself touched by the Spirit to pray for those on her list. This just shows in one more way, the tenderness and thoughtfulness she expresses.

God has blessed her with what appears to be a gentle and quiet spirit that I know is precious in His sight.

I pray for God to keep her and bless her and to always make His face shine upon her!

If you are wondering who I could be talking about, it is


over at


Civilla said...

Yes, I like Connie's blog very much! Well said, Michelle.

Gombojav Tribe said...

How nice to highlight a blogger that really touches you! That's a great idea! (And I can't wait to check out her blog!)

Momofsix said...

What a blessing to bestow on someone!