Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Think of some nagging issues in your husband or marriage. You know, the ones that have been there for years and never seem to change. You have prayed before, maybe you still do. Or maybe you have sort of given up. It just never seems to change. He never seems to change. You've possibly lost hope, even though you hesitate to admit that.
Maybe it is your children, or a particular child. Perhaps finances, a relationship. Something longstanding that you have all but given up in your heart the hope of ever seeing it change.
I'll ask you what I questioned to myself. Do I believe in the power of prayer, or not? Really? Do I? Maybe I really don't. Do I believe God can come in and radically change the situation? Do I even believe He would?
If I am not fervently, unceasingly, consistently crying out to God for my husband and marriage, who is? Am I so foolish to think the enemy pays no attention to a husband or marriage not covered in prayer? Foolish enough to think things will just change on their own?
I am not trying to heap guilt or place a burden on our shoulders that was not meant to be there. I know there is much more to this than just our prayers. Our husband's spiritual well being and our marriages do not depend entirely upon us and how much we pray. BUT, we do have a role to play here.
Our husband's carry a great mantle and responsibility before God as the head of our families. Until recently, it hadn't hit me as to just how great it is. And who is specifically and strategically praying for him? Not a, 'thank you for Brian, bless the work of his hands, yawn, help him to be a good daddy . . . yawn, amen.'
No, fervent, effectual, interceding, heaven storming prayers on his behalf. Praying scripture over his life. Crying out to God for very specific areas of his life.
So, I ask again. If I am not doing this, who is?? Do I really believe in the power of prayer? In the power of God to radically heal and deliver? Enough to stop giving it 'lip-service'? Enough to change my lifestyle and choices so I can pray effectively? Am I living a life of integrity, by living according to my beliefs and convictions? I told you, SOBERING.
Tomorrow starts a new month. And while I am feeling a bit undone and overwhelmed with what God is doing in me. Pruning is never painless, you know. Of all the things He is calling me to or changing, I have got to make this a priority. It's got to start with our husband's and marriages, doesn't it? And lest you think this is just for struggling marriages or jerky husbands, it is not! Our marriage is great and my husband is not a jerk.  I am just deeply convicted that I have NOT been praying for that man in the way I should be. And just because our marriage is great, does NOT mean the enemy is not waiting right around the corner waiting to pounce.
I am thinking of issuing a little (huge??) challenge to you married ladies. Praying everyday for the next month for your husband strategically, fervently and passionately. What do you think? I won't make you report in. I will not necessarily be posting daily about it, but all of us joining hands, so to speak and encouraging one another to pray for our man!! I can post the list of topics in the Power of a Praying Wife book. Also, I know if you search for a list of things to pray for your husband, you will come up with lots of options if you need a springboard. Or, take some time today and make your own list of things you'd like to pray for. Or, just pick a scripture prayer from Ephesians or Colossians and pray it for him for the next month. Don't complicate it.
One more thing. If you are angry and bitter towards your husband, and honestly, he just might be that 'jerk' I mentioned. I ask you to take your heart to God, repent, forgive as Christ forgave you, even though he doesn't deserve it. If nothing else, you will be free. And honestly, I believe our merciful God even honors prayers through gritted teeth. And maybe you could spend the month on your own heart, praying for your heart to be softened even though years of neglect or abuse have hardened it. I don't know, just a suggestion. (my heart aches for you, dear one, in this situation, I know there are many)
Share your thoughts, please.

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