Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reflections of 2012

Standing on the precipice of a new year, I have to chuckle.  Wasn’t I here not too long ago?  I sort of feel like I took a few steps into January 2012, got swallowed up, tossed about, vigorously, and spit out the other side of December!
This past year was such a blur, in one sense.  But in another, the lessons were crystal clear.  It literally felt like non-stop.  I began to wonder if the year was a waste, too busy to have changed or grown.  I looked back over my journal from last year (which had way, way less entries than in years past) and saw so much crying out  to God, struggles and His mighty deliverances over and over again. 
The circumstances of our life may have appeared to be outward focused, the running a home business, or, often times, being run by the business.  Also, Brian working from home, school, every single member of this family being stretched and challenged in all areas because of this business.
As I reflect, I see that yes, there has been so much growth and even fruit!  My word for last year was ‘righteousness’.  The focus being the righteousness I have in him.  Really living, breathing and believing this truth demolishes insecurity, doubts, fears, self-hatred and more.  Living secure in Him even when everything around me seeks to shake that security.
I see the areas that this truth really took root.  I see the areas that I stand a little taller, a little more confident in who He created me to be.  There is a deeper joy and peace than before.  Is there more to be done in these areas?  Definitely.  But for now I  smile, seeing the work He has done in my heart this past year.
I am so excited for this new year.  There are so many new, exciting and incredibly challenging opportunities on the calendar.  I will not fear, my hope and confidence is in Him. I can even see that many of the struggles from this past year have prepared me for the challenges of this coming year.
Like trying on new clothes, I have three ‘words’ I have been ‘trying on’ for the new year.  One seems to fit better than the rest, but I wait on Him to make it clear.  Lord willing, I will share soon.
Have you reflected on this past year?  Have you found Him faithful?  Please share your thoughts, I would love to read them.

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