Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Prayers of Late


Is thank you really enough?  Lord help me to see how faithful You are, always, not just on the good days.  I want to live a faith filled life, giving thanks and praise to You all the day long.  Often though, I feel like one of those collapsible toys. One push of a button and I crumble.


Father, give me eyes to see Your hand and Your goodness all around me, every moment. Open my eyes!  I want to be saturated, consumed, overwhelmed with Your glory and goodness.  I am not asking for ‘more’ gifts, I want to see, really see the gifts already around me.


Thank you for showing me the wonder of YOU!  That is my heart’s cry—to see Your glory.  To see You in everything!  To be so caught up in the wonder of You.  To see You so much and in everything that I just marvel.


Thank you for Your mercy.  Thank You for those sweet moments—hey!  You answered my prayers!  You gave me eyes to see!  Oh, it was so wonderful.  Peel them back—I want to see all of my life through eyes of wonder and gratitude.  Wild, crazy, love and abandon for You and Your goodness and love.

  • Can I live in such a way that whatever You have for me—blessed be the name of the Lord?
  • Giving thanks in all things!  Oh, Lord, Yes!  Yes! All things. 
  • The busy and the slow.
  • The crazy good days and the wild, flinging of the serpent's tail, days.
  • The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.
  • Shall I receive the good with thanksgiving and not the bad?   Isn’t it give thanks in ALL things?

A spirit of daily trust and thankful contentment with my lot in life.  Oh, Lord, the peace that floods my soul with these thoughts.  This, this is how I want to live.  This is freedom and carefree abandon to my Father.


Oh, the peace.  With each exhale, the peace goes deeper still.  Oh, the ‘pull’ to stress, to hold tight, and to strive, but the ‘letting go’ seems easier then ever before.

Give thanks . . . Abandon . . . Perspective . . . hmmm.

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