Monday, July 4, 2011

It’s Been A Busy Weekend!

We have been a roofin’, swimmin’, paintin’, stainin’, creatin’, and a eatin’!

We made these delicious, fun popsicles!


These yummy Patriotic strawberries.


We also put sticks in marshmallows, dipped them in chocolate and then dipped them in red, white and blue sprinkles.  We, of course had the lick the bowl of leftover chocolate clean, right?


Look what we found under a broody hen!


We took the baby chicks away from their mama ;-( because the other chickens were not playing nice and trying to peck out the baby chick’s eyes!  So mean!


The only time the baby chicks are left alone are the hours that my four littles are sleeping.  Other than that, they are held, carried, stroked and cuddled.


These chicks are so adorable.  When you hold them in your hands on their backs and stroke their tummies, they fall asleep!  I am thinking these guys are going to be our new pets.  I will draw the line of the chicks sleeping in bed with the children.  But, oh my, they are adorable. (until one of them poops in my house!)



We had a wonderfully relaxing 4th of July.  Just what this family needed, rest, fun and togetherness!  Thank You, Father, for the gift of today.


Coby said...

Those chicks are absolutely ADORABLE!

And, uhm, yeah - no chicks in the bed!

So glad you had a wonderful day!

cooperkelly4 said...

agreed, super cute baby chicks! I saw that recipe for those strawberries. Might have to make those anyway! =0) Sounds like a great day!

Anonymous said...

We are bowl lickers too! Can't let that go to waste! haha. That chick is too cute! Have a great week. Yes, it will be nice to return to normal! (Whatever that is... :)~Ruth

busymomof10 said...

The baby chicks are adorable! We had baby chicks once upon a time. Maybe 17 or 18 years ago??????? (Really??) I remember my oldest daughters, Tiffany and Ashlyn, herding those chicks around and mothering them to death!! However, cute little baby chicks soon grow into hens and roosters . . . . .just not the same cuteness level, I'm afraid!!!!