Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekends Together

I adore weekends! Mainly because Brian is home. I have been known, on Monday morning, to say, "do you really have to go to work?" Well, truth be told, I say it every Monday! We love our weekends. We love to be together. We do all we can, together!

We play together, pray together, cuddle and snuggle at every corner, we shower together, we laugh together, we parent together, we work together! Saturday night is our standing "date" night, which for years has just meant we sneak off downstairs to a candlelit room and watch something we have recorded or an old "West Wing"episode. We usually have popcorn (when we are not doing some silly elimination diet ;-), and kombucha. We snuggle up under a rag quilt, that oddly enough, we made together!

We recognize the blessing of this marriage and are so thankful for it. We praise Him, for all glory goes to HIM! We marvel at how, as the years go on, we only grow more and more in love with each other!

While we are doing everything together, that includes the children. Inevitably, whenever we stop to hug, some little one comes running up to join in!

This time it was Elijah with his 'blankie and paci', snuggling in right in between Mama and Papa. We had to sing "You are my sunshine" and "The wheels on the bus" to him over and over. Precious moments!

Elijah was bouncing his feet as we sang. (Oh, in the background you can see the rag quilt we made together I just mentioned!)

Weekends sometimes mean something fun in the kitchen. This time it was 'sushi', which was really just sticky rice and veggies perfectly julienned by Brian. These were NOT a big hit, but it was fun to try. I don't know if you notice, but there is a tripod flashlight next to the Nori wraps. We don't have under cabinet lighting so we improvised! We call it our 'Polish Under cabinet Lighting'

We also made some Moroccan Quinoa Pilaf that also was NOT a big hit. Boy, two strikes against me! We have been trying really different things than we are used to because of the elimination diet. I am so proud of the children for being so willing to try. I got one genuine gag, a couple of raised eyebrows while chewing slowly, and a 'what's in this?' We chose to end with frozen blueberries and coconut milk. Now that WAS a big hit!

Tomorrow is the Sabbath, our day of Rest. We share God's word, sing hymns, eat together, pray together, cuddle in front of the fireplace and just REST!

See why I LOVE weekends!

What are your weekends like?


busymomof10 said...

What a precious post, Michelle! What a treasure you have!!! I love the picture of you sitting in the chair together! So cute! :) You look so young there!

Our weekends always end up so BUSY! But, this weekend my husband and I stole away and are staying in a lodge at Callaway Gardens about two hours from home! We are enjoying a fun weekend together! Right now I am in the lobby sitting by a huge stone fireplace checking my email/blog while he takes a catnap in the room! My time is about up here, so I am going back to join him. I'm sure I will post about it when I get home! Your lovely post just reminds me even more to ENJOY this time together!

Thanks for sharing from your heart and life!

May the Lord bless you abundantly, my friend!


Gloria said...

Looks like fun! Are you saying that you stay home and church, i.e. home church? Just curious... We are going to a home church right now with 9 other families.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Such beautiful love. What a gift. What a treasure.

We are kombucha drinkers too, but my guess is that a lot of people who read your blog are saying - WHAT? ha!

You are precious. :)

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Elizabeth! Yeah for you and your husband! Enjoy your time.

Lynette, don't you just love Kombucha?!

Gloria, Yes! we do 'home church'. We have for several years now. Some seasons with several other families, some have been just a few and currently it is just us. It has been an incredible journey, since leaving the 'mega' church we went to. Wonderfully amazing!

A Loved Wife said...

What a fun post! I love reading about love filled marriages! Our weekends are usually pretty low key. We may have a family birthday part every once and awhile, but for the most part we don't go anywhere.

Sundays are my favorite though. My husband and I are active in our church and have to be at church pretty early Sunday mornings to get things set up. When we get home in the afternoon, we have our little routine of making lunch, washing lunch dishes and then taking a wonderful nap together.

Sometimes we fall asleep right away, but sometimes we just snuggle and chat about what is on our hearts or things that stood out to us in the sermon. It's a nice time of togetherness before we open our home up Sunday evenings for our home Bible study. I look forward to Sundays every week!