Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

I sent Brian to the store on his way home and you would have thought he bought me two dozen yellow roses for as excited as I was when I saw all my yummy greens, pears, mangoes, and organic apples! You will see dandelion greens (can you believe someone gets paid to grow these?!), kale and escarole! This summer, Lord willing, my garden is going to be full of weeds! I mean dandelion and lambsquarter! I told Brian that he will be able to tell I have completely flipped my lid when I start transplanting dandelions from the front yard to the garden!

Aren't they beautiful!

The green smoothies are going over so well, still! I have gotten to the point where I put a TON of greens and celery and very minimal fruit and still LOVE it! I put in three stalks of celery, three heaping and overflowing handfuls of organic baby spinach, one pear and one apple and blend away! I drink it throughout the day. They are almost addicting. This is one food that would be good to almost be addicted too! Do you know how many greens we are getting in everyday? Even eating a couple of salads a day we wouldn't even come close to this.

The children are clamoring for more of them later in the day or after dinner. The other day I needed to make Brian's smoothie the night before, because he was leaving early in the morning for bible study, and we all fought over what didn't fit in his quart jar! When I say all, I mean me included. Guess who won? Me!

Brian and I were going over birth dates for our taxes and we once again marveled at the blessing these three little goobers have been! There is something so precious about seeing a group of littles so close in age. These three were born in three years. They are so close and do so much together. I love to see them running around outside together, it is so precious. I called them all to me and pretended they were in trouble and had them sit down in front of me then I plowed them over and kissed their faces! I just had to capture the sweetness of all three of them together.

I took a ton of pictures and the flash was causing serious blindness.
"Stop, Mama", they cried!

One last thought. Have you all ever heard of something called "comfort waistband"? I bought a pair of smaller size jeans at Goodwill that fit so well, I couldn't believe they weren't too tight in the waist. It was then that I discovered my new best friend! Lee Comfort Waistband! I don't know how they did it. The elastic is somehow attached to the jean and it still looks like a normal pair of jeans with a wonderful stretchy waistband! Have you seen these, I mean really! I think I should start a campaign to have all jeans have to have this 'comfort waistband'. Imagine the smiling women everywhere! Check it out, they are so comfy!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, full of grace and blessings!


mamma bear said...

Hi, Michelle,
Don't you love it when hubby comes home from the grocery store with something he knows you'll flip over? :) I mean, it's great that he will even GO, but to actually think about you while he is there! :) We are blessed women.
Some of my favorite clothes have come from the thrift store! That's a double blessing.
I have found a smoothie I do not care for. I think there were too many competing flavors. It was romaine, banana, blueberry, and apple. Oh, well. :)
Thank you for being here and letting me ramble too. :)

J said...

Your children are beautiful!!! I have been drinking some green smoothies! Mixed greens, a pear, and half a banana. My husband isn't too excited about them...yet. I'm going to make one for the children when they get up from their rest time...with a few added blueberries. So glad you're sharing all this great info!

Thanks and happy weekend to you!

The FitzGerald Family said...

I'm used to juicing the items you've mentioned, but preparing them in a blender? That would be pretty thick, right? I'll have to try these.

Thanks for the suggestion,
Liz in CA

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the transplanting dandelion thought. Just the other day, I noticed a bunch of dandelions in and around the front garden and I was wondering, can I use these, and how do I get them to grow in the veggie garden :0)

And don't tell my hubby but I'd rather have the organic goodies over the flowers too.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Flowers? Blech! Unless it is a perennial for the garden, I don't want flowers! I would much rather have something wonderful and fresh like your fruits and veggies! I have been craving greens again and have been eating a salad a day, but getting nothing like what I should be getting. Can't wait to get to the grocers myself...I miss getting groceries!

(And your beef veggie soup with all the bread goodies has been wonderful! The garlic breadsticks are the best!)

I am looking forward to doing some cooking on my own real soon. I think I might start with some fried rice loaded with lots of veggies!