Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Highlights

Mama was getting some rest after dinner and
once she hits the couch she has company! So blessed!

Our Elijah is a bit 'high maintenance'.
One of his favorite spots is in his older brother's arms . . .
. . .or on their back while doing kitchen chores. He literally 'hangs' out there everyday!

The sweet little thing in my lap is our grandson, Levi. He was opening presents with all his aunts and uncles close by.

The 'everyday' grind really is precious, if only we would take the time to notice.

Every day [with its new reasons] will I bless You [affectionately and gratefully praise You]; yes, I will praise Your name forever and ever.
Psalm 145:2


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You should see me trying to do Yoga with a baby hanging on one leg, and a toddler running under me. I can't tell you how many times I try to "rest" on the couch, but only to be covered with little ones just a few moments later. They must love me! Smile

Camille said...

How wonderful Michelle! You are blessed! :)

J said...

You are so beautiful!!!! And how wonderful to be so surrounded with such a full quiver!

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Awww, what beautiful pictures! And what a nice big brother Elijah has!
So glad you had a nice day.
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Alison said...

What a cutie, and what an awesome big brother- those little guys can get heavy!

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

That picture of Elijah is just precious (and hilarious!) Beautiful family, Michelle!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Beautiful blessings, indeed!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

It's been a blessing to visit with you today!

Smiles, Lea