Sunday, July 1, 2012

He Knows My Heart

“You know my heart, and it is because You know my heart that I can trust You”

That is the thought that came to my mind the other day when I was praying and asking God, once again, for a long term prayer request.

You see, I only think I know my heart when I am asking for something and I cry, “Father, You know my heart”, somehow insinuating the my motives are pure, therefore my request should be granted.

So often I feel entitled to my request based on the assumption my motives are pure.  Could it be the One who holds and knows my heart, with all its desires and motives, truly does know that perhaps there is a better way, a deeper work to be done?

Is this the time to, on a deeper level, trust you with all my heart and lean NOT on my own understanding.  To not be wise in my own eyes and rest in You?

Trusting with all my heart—yet trusting Him more.  Often times, it isn’t until looking back in hindsight, that the true motives of the heart become clear.  Until then, I can trust His heart even in my faltering steps of faith. Even when my heart ‘seems’ so spot on, it may not be, but I can trust Him.  Yes, even then, I can trust Him.

“You know my heart, and it is because You know my heart that I can trust You”


Kim said...

Michelle, This post reminds me of a song that I listen to fairly often. It is called Hear My Heart by Sheri Easter. Have you heard it? Its about the Lord hearing your heart when you dont even know what to pray. Listen to it, Id love to know your opinion.

Kristin Bridgman said...

So glad we serve a God we can totally trust and One who knows our heart and still loves us:)
This gives me peace! And what a blessing that is!

Melanie said...

Hi, Michelle, I was very blessed by your post. I often say the same thing - somehow telling God how I think things should be handled. Sigh.
I have recently resurrected my blog because I feel the Lord wants to share my life and I have linked your blog to it if that is okay.
Have a blessed day.

Elaine said...

So thankful...He knows our heart.

cooperkelly4 said...

just was thinking of you....
hoping you are doing well. ♥ Kelly

Heaven's Walk said...

Where would we be if He didn't know our heart? I know I would be a lost and wandering soul for sure, Michelle. Thank you for sharing this post and this blog. It is truly a gift to others and a testament of your love of the Lord.

xoox laurie

Paula Barnett said...

Such a beautiful site, Michelle; your blog and your willingness to trust that the God who created the perfectly orchestrated Universe is creating the same order in our lives right now.
Could it be that when we let go of our need to "ask" God for anything and we choose to simply abide in His glorious presence & power, that the miracle unfolds? By focusing upon God alone {when the doubt begins to arise regarding the need} we are building unshakable faith and allowing His divine plan to unfold as intended: gracefully.
I look forward to visiting you again. It has been a pleasure.