Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Years Ago, Today

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Lord healing and delivering me from Severe Adrenal Exhaustion and all its hideous symptoms!

I, once again, awoke with a smile on my face.  And I remember full well how surprised I was.

He has continued to turn my mourning into dancing.

When I read over all the physical aspects of my healing, I stand amazed.  I simply cannot believe where I am in life and the things I am able to do after being so sick for so long.

When I look back over how the Lord orchestrated our every step, I am so humbled and in awe.

It was most definitely a slow fade, lies of the enemy building over the years that I believed.  BUT GOD!

I came across this video last week and was stunned at the power and truth in it.  It is a bit strong, but the message is one of strength.  I weep every time I see it.  I feel like this song/skit could be my testimony, perhaps change out a few of the temptations, but the deliverance that the Lord has done was spot on.  I  believe He does this for all of us, it just might not be as dramatic as some. 

Two years ago today, it was nothing short of dramatic.  This woman is on her knees thanking her Savior! Praise Him with me?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I well remember that awesome day....we have an amazing God!

cooperkelly4 said...

I remember it too! =0) Congratulations on the freedom he has given you. Just watched the video, and bawled with my hubby. We have seen it before but the reminder is soooo good. I love the part when Jesus is fighting off the sin for her to repent.

LaSandra said...

Praise God for the way he has delivered you! I have seen this skit before. Its so powerful! God is awesome!

Lora said...

praising God with you for your healing!! :) He is so good!

Meghan said...

Congratulations on your amazing anniversary Michelle! No matter how many times I see this video it never loses it's power. No one will ever love us more than He does.

Kati Potratz said...

So happy for you, Michelle.

Elaine said...

blessings to you on this anniversary! LOVE that song...watched and touching!!!!

Linda said...


I am so happy that you were healed. Happy second anniversary Michelle!

God is soooo good!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits