Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes “School” Looks Different

We find ourselves in a very unusual season of life right now.  Adult children with children, in college and working. Homeschooling six children.  Grand parenting two children.  Husband unemployed.  Mama (and whole family) working many hours in a newer home based business.

Wow, as I type that, I wonder, ‘what is so unusual?’  This is actually what we have dreamed of . . . hmmm.

Anyway, ‘school’ looks differently right now.  Oh, we still work at the 3 R’s, but currently our curriculum is real life stuff!  Here are some pictures of a few “lessons” from yesterday.

Victoria, 16, made most of the dinner, English Muffins and took the time to clean up the kitchen and photograph all the pretties she saw.  All this while Mama and Papa were out on a business errand.


Decorating the table for dinner, a thing she has learned well!


Staging things for advertising photos for our business.


Preschool: what could be more educational than a bucket of water and some toys?


Math in the morning is always easier to swallow when you are outside in the sun with your kitty near by.


Just a sampling of the ‘schoolin’ that is going on around here.

Don’t fret, Mama, they are learning.  Follow HIM and He will prepare your children for what HE has for them.


Jenn said...

It was gorgeous yesterday wasn't it! Being able to adjust and shift things is the beauty of homeschooling.

Grace said...

I love your english muffins. I am going to have to try them!!!Although I may not comment, I read every post. <3

Prairiemaid said...

Our life is "different" too. And sometimes, I feel like I'm just not getting it done ~ especially the home school part!

Thanks for a lovely and encouraging post!

Katherine said...

How beautiful! Not simply the pictures, but your daughters attitude and helpfulness is wonderful to see...
I would love to hear more about your home business, what is it that you do?

busymomof10 said...

Yes, we all go through different seasons of homeschooling. Some more productive than others. Some more "bookish" and some more "real life". We call those interruptions and unplanned lessons "God's classroom." When God is orchestrating the lessons, we know that they are just what we all need.

Loved this quote:

Don’t fret, Mama, they are learning. Follow HIM and He will prepare your children for what HE has for them.

So very true~

May God lead you all into His perfect will and continue to bless and provide for your needs. Enjoy your busy days of working together!~