Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Highs and Lows . . . {sigh}

Do you ever have one of those days that contain what seems like the most glorious of moments in motherhood only to follow it later with what feels like the most atrocious of moments?

Yeah, me too.  I don’t know why it always shocks me.  I guess when everything is so perfectly beautiful I have amnesia and forget that it probably won’t always be like this.  So, when reality hits, I am jolted; shocked.

Yesterday was one of those days. {sigh} So, I am having a blast painting in the garage, children running in and out showing me things they find, pulling up a milk crate to chat, helping me with little projects, being serenaded with a violin/guitar duet . . . can you hear the angels singing??  I did.

Only hours later the bickering, selfishness, knocked over project that sent a piece of the furniture flying, a complaining toddler, no ideas for dinner and a husband who was working really late . . . can you hear the mama crying?

This summer has been, shall we say, FULL!  Our calendar has been very, very full.  (with fun things, just full) Also, we, as a family have been in boot camp learning how to really LOVE each other.  When God puts you in the “love” boot camp, don’t expect an easy time, trust me!  As hard as it has been, He has been speaking to us so richly about “love” and giving us ample opportunity to love. 

When I say love, I don’t mean the kind of warm fuzzy feeling that wells up in you as you hold your very new and precious grandbaby. (wouldn’t that be great if that was all there was to love?)

Nope, I’m talking about the God kind of love.  You know, love is patient (really?)  Love is kind.  (good one)  Does not behave unseemly?!?!  (oops, should of remembered that one last night {sheepish grin}  Thinks not her own . . . is not easily provoked . . . bears all things . . . hopes all things . . . endures all things . . .

See what I’m saying?!? It has been a challenging, but good summer.  More on “Love Lessons” to come, Lord willing.

I officially have my “blog” for my furniture up.  My son moved it to Wordpress and I think it is finally how I want it. Winking smile(thank you patient Joshua)  Would you mind checking it out and letting me know if something is hard to navigate or find?  And you can see, in part, why it has been a busy full summer.

{re}imagined . . . just for you


His bondservant said...

Oh yes, I so have those days too. I feel like we are in training all the time! But, I suppose that is what marks the Christian life. God loves us way too much to leave us as we are. Sanctification has its growing pains, but it is so worth it.

In Him,

Jenn said...

I can absolutely relate to this post!!!!

Heading over to check out your furniture blog!

LeAnn said...

I do know exactly how you feel. I have been there. Right now I am in the Grandma stage; but still have those days in other ways.
I loved the thoughts on the Love boot camp.
Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the sweet moments!

Shirlene said...

We adopted a grandson of our's and he is VERY active 3+ (among other things). LOVE Boot Camp is something we need for sure at this stage of life.
The Furniture Blog looks great. You have a gift for {Re}imagining furniture!
Have a blessed day.