Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few More Projects . . .

I can’t find the before to this picture, but imagine the white and gold bedroom set from your youth. LOL  With a  lot of work and prayer I think I am pretty happy with it.  Totally cute, isn’t it?


A very large mirror that I got for a deal.  Painted in Old White and glazed.


I got this sweet little drop-leaf table the same day as the mirror.  I painted it Provence, lightly distressed and glazed.


Brian and I took a trip to the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store and found this Ethan Allen table with a hole in the middle of the top.  I snatched it up knowing I have peeps who would fill the hole for me. Winking smile


Here it is completed.  I chose Aubusson blue with heavy distressing and glazing.  The color of the original table coming through almost has a ‘gold’ hue to it making it look really cool.


This big bad boy was pretty boring and slightly ugly, if you don’t mind me saying so.  Please don’t be offended if you have this type of dresser in your house, I do too.  LOL


Isn’t it amazing what a little (or a lot, in this case) Chalk Paint can do for a piece of furniture???  I love it.  I bought yet another can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, this time it was Versailles, a beautiful greenish tan or tanish green, depending on the light.  I highlighted some of the trim with Old White and distressed and glazed.



Can you believe it is the same dresser?  I was going to replace all the handles and knobs, as I couldn’t stand the original hardware.  So I went through the trouble of filling the holes and sanding and sanding, only to realized I did NOT want to put anymore money into this dresser.  I had the idea to paint the hardware with the Old White and glaze them and they look AMAZING!


What have you been up to this summer?  Oh, and lest you think nothing “spiritual” is going on here, think again!  Much to share sometime about what the Lord is doing in my heart of late.  I am totally soaking up reading through the New Testament.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady,
Looks like you have been a busy bee! Furniture looks great.

I completed the NT reading. I am always amazed at how the Lord speaks through Scripture!

Have a blessed week!
Lots of love,

Becky said...

They all look great, but I love the last one.

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hi Ruth, isn't is so wonderful how He speaks. I am finding the pace faster than I want because I keep wanting to mull over something. Also, so many familiar scriptures speak fresh truth . . . I love it!!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Becky, I know, can you believe the transformation?! I love the color, it is still neutral, yet a "color" if you know what I mean. Thanks for stopping by.

Connie said...

Wow! This furniture is amazing. I love the colors!

Natalieh said...

Everything is SO beautiful! :) I know where to purchase furniture if I ever have a home. ;) I love you!

Jenn said...

WOW! You have an amazing talent, my friend! Loved every single piece!

niartist said...

WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I'm bookmarking so I can remember this!!

I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you'll stop by and check it out:

See you soon, I hope!