Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Told You That You Can Do It All?

As women, I think we somehow get into our little heads the thought that we can do it all. Maybe it's because we are responsible for so much. Or maybe the world puts this on us, I don't know. But I hear and see so many women struggling to do more than they are supposed to and then beating themselves up when they don't meet their own expectations. They are suffering mentally, physically, emotionally, and I suspect spiritually. I am speaking from personal experience here; been there, still there, still learning, okay?

You are one person, uniquely created by God, to glorify Him and to do the good works He has planned for you.

You have a body that can only go so fast and so hard for so long. As much as you hate to admit it, you need rest. You need to slow down. I know you are more than likely thinking, 'right, how do I do that?' I am telling you, you had better listen, because it will catch up with you. You cannot keep pushing yourself. You will probably try, but you will crash if you don't learn this lesson.

Accepting the fact that you are not invincible and capable of doing everything will actually make your life easier, and you are wiser and stronger to admit this, not weaker and more foolish.

When you read Proverbs 31, you might want to remember that this is likely a picture of her entire life, not a day. You cannot do all the things listed in this passage everyday, in every season of your life. You just can’t, and that is okay! Do you hear me? You are not expected to and it is okay!

When you peruse other woman’s blogs or listen to other women at church, you need to realize you are getting a teensy glimpse into their whole life. Teensy! When you read or hear that ‘she’ (this fictional woman meant to torment you) . . .

makes candles . . . reads all the classics to her children . . . grinds wheat for homemade bread . . . knits . . . crochets . . . sews her family’s clothes . . . starts her seeds early in spring . . . tends a huge garden all summer (with no weeds, I might add). . . cans enough food for the whole winter . . . is well versed in herbal remedies . . . never eats sugar . . . stays on schedule (everyday and every minute) . . . trains her children diligently and perfectly . . . milks their goat . . . makes goats milk cheese and soap . . . irons her husband's shirts . . . never misses a field trip . . . cheers at the soccer game . . . has healthy dinners served by 5:00 sharp . . . has a well decorated, well organized and most definitely well cleaned home . . . has devotions daily . . . exercises everyday . . . speaks softly and wisely, never raising her sweet voice . . .

Remember this is just a glimpse, a snapshot into her life. Most likely she does not and has not done each and every one of these things every day of every season of her life. Also, she most likely didn’t begin each of these things on day one of her marriage. So, let me assure you, that you cannot do all of those things every day of every season of your life. You cannot do it all! And that is okay! You are not supposed to!

We all do not have the same “good works” to do, the same upbringing, the same walk with the Lord, or the same energy levels so let’s stop trying to do it all. We simply cannot.
I’ve told you what you cannot do, Let me tell you what you CAN do.

You can get up, praise God, look to Him for what He would have you do today and then just do that. Let go of your expectations and all the things you think you “should” be doing. It might not include making bread or canning tomatoes, and that is okay!

The sooner we realize what we cannot do, the sooner we can start doing, well, things we can. Repeat after me, "I cannot not do it all, nor am I meant to, and it is okay!"

Lord Jesus, teach us to slow down, to hear Your voice, to stop trying to do what everyone else is doing and simply do what You would have us do. You gently lead us, You do not drive us. If we are feeling driven and beaten down it is not because of You, it is likely us doing more than You expect from us. Teach us discernment. Teach us to be gentle with ourselves. Forgive us for running ahead. We love You, Lord!

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