Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Do I Forget?


Oh, Father, why do I forget?  Why do I lose sight of the depth of Your goodness?  Why do I let the shadows cloud Your goodness?  Oh, for eyes to see this clearly everyday.   For eyes to really see Your goodness.  Your gifts everyday, not just after a period of darkness.P1100291

Hmmm, maybe it is the darkness that helps me see more clearly?  Maybe those days where shadows over take; darkness seems to hide You, only set the stage for the days when I am over taken by your beauty.  Maybe if it weren’t for the darkness that light wouldn’t be so bright.  I am not sure.  P1100288

All I know is that I love You.  I long to have that heart that whispers thanks and peace and inner joy even when the shadows come.  But for now, today, I will revel and dance in the light.

Everywhere I turn I see You.  I see You in the little boy who digs holes in the yard and yells ‘mama, mama’ every time a tractor comes down the road.

I see You in the little girl who tries so hard to give up her pouty ways.

I see You in the boys who have become men, who love and serve and are adults who are just as cool doing manly things and sporting suits and ties as they are playing capture the flag or doing the Virginia Reel in the front yard.

I see You in the eyes of each of these children, I feel You in the arms of my husband.  I see You in blue skies and green everywhere and the lilacs that were spared in the frost.P1100285

I hear You in the birds singing in the morning and the evening.

I hear You in laughter of children at play out back and in the tears of women whose hearts have been shattered.  I see You!!

Why?  Why do forget?

. . . bind my wandering heart to Thee.


Elaine said...

very touching post. And I say the same...bind my wandering heart to Thee.

cooperkelly4 said...

so easy to get into the busy-ness of life. It takes that conscious moment to turn our hearts to Him moment by moment. thanks for the reminder to draw near♥

Coby said...

Very timely! Hubby and I were just talking about this...namely that we're having a hard time seeing the Lord right now, but you've reminded me that it will set the stage, that we will be able to see Him more clearly. But He IS here! I'm off to go look and remind myself :-)