Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dearest Joshua,


Twenty years ago, today, you, my sweet Joshua was born.  What a blessing you are.  Such a tender heart.  Incredibly gifted and talented.  Josh, you are a perfect combination of a manly man and yet a tender gentle man.


You are so strong and capable of so many things, yet incredibly tender and compassionate.  You love deep and are fiercely protective, especially of me, your mama.


I am so proud of the man you have become.  I see you struggle with waiting and trusting God, but you persevere.  I understand the desires you have for your future, and while I would love to ‘make it all better’ and just give you your heart’s desire, I see your Father working something infinitely better than I could ever offer.


You are extremely accomplished in the arena of music.  You have a passion for it written deep in your heart.  I look forward to seeing the full purpose of such passion.


I will FOREVER be thankful for your hugs.  I am not sure if you need them or if you know I do.  They always calm me and center me.  You have even learned the fine art of walking away, if a hug is the last thing I want to receive. Winking smile  Funny, though, your instincts are right, in times like that a hug is exactly what I need.  I just don’t know it.


You are going to be an awesome husband and father one day, I know it.  Your wife will be so blessed.  You know, they say a man treats his wife like he treated his mama?  See what I am saying, she is going to be blessed.  The tenderness and care that you show me melts my heart and will her heart too

I love you, Joshua Brian.  You are a gift, pure and simple. 

Happy Birthday!


busymomof10 said...

Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

My Joshua turned 20 on March 24th!!!!! isn't that amazing?

My Josh will be the first of the ten to get married! I was helping his bride-to-be address wedding invitations last night! Wedding is May 12th! Hard to believe!

Our little boys grow up so quickly!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Love Josh....love all your kids.(even though I'd be hard pressed to name them all...I know their precious faces, for sure!)

Grace said...

What a handsome man! How very proud you must be!