Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Give-Away

I have the honor of being friends with the author of, “Walking Through Fiery Trials”, Mary Pat Jones.

fiery trials 3

I love this woman and her story is so inspiring to me.  I happened to have two copies and want to bless someone with my extra copy.

If you have endured or are enduring right now your own ‘fiery trial’ I think you will find this book the encouragement you will need.

I have shared little bits about some of the almost eleven year ‘fiery trial’ we endured and I can say I wish, oh I wish, I had this book and the Truths therein to encourage me along the way.  I can honestly say that had I had the Truth contained in this book, I believe we would have come out the other end of our trials a little less beaten up.  Possibly, it would have been shortened, as I now see how much we even brought on ourselves.

I would like as many people as possible to have an opportunity to win this book.  Would you do me a favor and blog about this give-away and let me know that you did.  I will enter your name in the drawing.

So, either post about it (linking back to this post), or mention it on Facebook.  (linking back to this post).  Come back here an let me know that you did.

If you are interested in learning more about my precious friend, Mary Pat, go to “Creative Footage” 

Thank you!!

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